Beijing today has four or five northerly winds the temperature will drop to 5 DEG C –

Beijing today has four or five northerly winds at the lowest temperature 5 DEG C – to the new network in Beijing morning news (reporter Wang Hailiang) a "depth" autumn, Beijing will cast a "cool". Today all day, four or five northerly winds will be hung over the city, gusts of up to six or seven. The lowest temperature tonight will drop to 5 degrees, this is the rhythm of the winter is approaching, the mountain may appear frost, please the public friends to keep warm, against the cold air. Compared to the previous "a" rain, the rain is under good, completely moisten the earth in beijing. Meteorological data show that from 5 to 7, 6, 17, the city’s average rainfall monitoring station 33.7 mm, the city average of 38.2 mm; 38.1 mm 35.6 mm southwest, northwest, northeast 28.2 mm, 27.6 mm southeast; the largest Shijingshan station, 68.3 mm. From the point of view of the magnitude, the city’s average level of heavy rain; Southwest and urban rainfall, generally up to the magnitude of heavy rain, and some sites for heavy rain; the eastern region of smaller rainfall. 14 or so, most of the city’s rainfall tends to end. Today is the first day of work after the holiday, people will go out despite the cold wind. At 16:30 yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a gale warning blue, is expected to 17 today Beijing four or five northerly winds, gusts of up to six to seven. To remind the public friends, autumn wind +, today night in plain area of minimum temperature will drop to 5 degrees Celsius, the mountain fell to 1 to 3 DEG C, may appear frost, and friends must be dressed and warm. The end of the holiday, to open a continuous work mode. Whether it is at home, "Ge You paralysis" for 7 days, or run crazy play in a circle, are now the win their hearts. Adjust the rest no longer stay up late, to Zaoshuizaoqi; in the diet, eat light food, fresh Vegetable & Fruit. After the first three days, try to arrange a slow work, the high strength work arrangements to back a few days.相关的主题文章: