Beijing Street billboards do not run the same version of the Olympic Games and the Rio Olympics (Fig cosmax

Beijing Street billboards and similar version of the Rio Olympic flag error (Figure) – Beijing, the original title: error flag street billboards possible to replace the Beijing morning news (reporter live news Konka) Chaoyang District Liulitun Street publicity column posted a five-star red flag, a member of the public yesterday broke the news that the flag on the four small the stars made a parallel distribution, and the Rio Olympics the same mistake. Beijing morning news reporters reflect the matter to the Liulitun Street office, street quickly replaced the right flag stickers. Staff said that the posters are hanging out of a company, because the wrong version of the printing error. In the yaojiayuan road and tianshuiyuan street in the northeast corner of the crossroads, the reporter yesterday saw a wall hanging with the words "Liulitun Street propaganda education garden", posted a few picture of the spiritual civilization and other contents of the poster paper. A flag is head of the national flag, the four stars arranged in parallel (Figure). Reporters reflect the matter to the Chaoyang District Liulitun Street office staff said the posters by a publicity company of printing, the company printed with the wrong version, has been the first time removed. Yesterday afternoon, the new flag was re made printing posted on billboards. Konka photo clue: Mr.相关的主题文章: