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Beijing morning news: brand security extra care is unfair – View – original title: brand security extra care is unfair in this practice, brand bag holder and ordinary people are treated differently, which relates to the feelings of the public, is fair. The problems existing in the security inspection of the famous brand bags need to be solved through the improvement of the security technology and so on. September 1st, the Nanjing subway will officially start the whole line security. In order to allow passengers to adapt to the first day of the Nanjing subway trial run. The Nanjing subway and Nanjing City Public Security Bureau subway reminds passengers, passengers leave the full range of security, security of time, balloon, excess liquor, live poultry, pets are not allowed to enter. Under the conditions of the package to meet the requirements of the package can be opened to the security inspector to check the security instrument. (Xinhua news agency, August 28th) to see that the Nanjing subway is not a security package for the brand, but you can not pass the security instrument, open packet inspection on the line. But why should the brand "extra care"? The security apparatus is the most scientific testing methods, manual inspection of brand-name bags, will waste more manpower, will lead people on the subway "Xianpinaifu" imagination, think is a kind of unfair treatment. The subway may consider is expensive brand-name bags, even after security is damaged, or is afraid of brand-name bags by the security instrument, prone to theft loss phenomenon, which may involve the issue of compensation, if it is because of these reasons, it is clear that the security instrument operation or security inspectors work there are still some the problem, but can not solve the brand "extra care" to seek, which is not conducive to solve the security problems in the process, also because of the unequal treatment lead to public discontent. On the package of artificial security, if there is no legitimate reason, the most important thing is that it is easy for the general public to have a sense of shame, which is equal to the rule of law in all social conflicts. The essence of the rule of law is equality, rich wayward behavior is very common, these have become very sensitive to the public, but as long as it does not interfere with other rich wayward people’s freedom, also Wukezhihui, if have the right money, in some public affairs, also over ordinary people suspect, will allow the public to accept. Brand package can however the security instrument could just in order to facilitate security, let the public have not equal treatment experience, this approach is actually on Brand holders and ordinary people are treated differently, which is the key. Metro as a public manager, should avoid this tendency, to achieve equal treatment, which relates to the feelings of the public, but also related to brand equity; security problems, through the improvement of security technology and so on, but not on the "noble" brand should be treated differently. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: