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Beijing: Meteorological reasons caused by pollution from Haze – Sohu news Xinhua Beijing November 5 Xinhua (reporter Ni Yuanjin Wang Dier) Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said the 5 afternoon, affected by the latest adverse meteorological factors from the southeast, northeast, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei haze to alleviate the northwest cold air effect is diminished, 6 Beijing City, the air quality will reach the "4 levels of pollution", is expected to 7 days can be gradually improved to "2 good", 8 days, 9 days will continue to deteriorate. Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center 5, "Beijing and the surrounding remote sensing image shows: morning, northwest cold air gradually close the fog from Beijing, most of the plain area of Beijing Tianjin Hebei is still shrouded in haze; afternoon, Beijing to the southeast air pollution intrusion; in the evening, the northeast with weak pollutant northerly flow the influence over Bohai, to the North China region. 5 days 16 when, Beijing City, the concentration of PM2.5 evidence of the remote sensing image, northeast 223 micrograms / cubic meter, Southeast of 212 micrograms / cubic meter, six districts of the city of 194 micrograms per cubic meter, southwest 175 micrograms / cubic meter, 160 micrograms / cubic meter of northwest. In view of the pollution, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center Director Zhang Dawei said: "one is the" inversion "is very strong, the vertical atmospheric diffusion ability; two is the" boundary layer "of low height, low pollution layer basically is pressed at 600 meters below the vertical extrusion, resulting in a rapid increase of PM2.5 concentration." Beijing started the "yellow warning of heavy pollution of air, environmental protection departments focus on running mileage of taxi, light trucks, long service life and high strength heavy duty diesel vehicles to increase law enforcement, strictly exceed the standard emission vehicles to beijing. Meanwhile, the Ministry of environmental protection and the Beijing Automobile Research Center in conjunction with the experts of the inspection team, focusing on the inspection of public transport, logistics, sanitation, postal and other industries heavy diesel vehicles. The base check further to find out the vehicle pollution in Beijing city and provide basis for future policy making. (end)相关的主题文章: