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Beijing Ji Ming on the college entrance examination candidates collected at the same time care policy qualification information – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Ren Shan) 2017 college entrance examination tomorrow officially launched. The reporter learned from the Beijing education examination, candidates can Beijing at 8 tomorrow by network application. Candidates in line with the relevant conditions of care required to take care of policy eligibility information collection. 2017 college entrance examination enrollment includes three stages, online submission of application, online personal information and payment, registration qualification on-site confirmation. Conforms to the register condition by the examinee in 8 to 12 days 20 when tomorrow Beijing education examination website login submit application for registration through the qualification examination candidates in November 17th 8 to 20, 20 online fill personal information and payment, November 30th will carry out the qualification confirmation. Candidates need to complete these three links, in order to have the appropriate examination qualifications. Examination high admissions remind the person in charge to submit the application in the Internet, the examinee to set the login password. This password will be on the Internet to the personal information and payment, online voluntary reporting login password. The registration information is an important part of the examinee of electronic archives, the candidates are admitted to colleges and universities the student data related information from the examinee registration information, the examinee to ensure my entrance registration information is accurate. College entrance examination enrollment information is no longer changed after confirmation of registration. College entrance examination will also be part of the acquisition of policy information to take care of the qualifications, in line with the relevant conditions of the candidates must be qualified to provide evidence for confirmation of the audit. It is reported that in 2017 the average level of Higher Vocational College Admissions admissions unified testing, art majors unified examination, foreign language interview, sports professional examination registration four types of examinations will also be the same period with the college entrance examination enrollment.相关的主题文章: