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Beijing 2 officials to provide false information by processing the original title to the inspection teams: 9 units to patrol the rectification public reporter Zou Le yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline website announced a further 3 universities and 6 units to patrol the rectification. March to April this year, the municipal inspection team organized the first round of special inspections this year, including 18 schools, including the 24 units to carry out inspections. July, the situation of inspection feedback announced. As of yesterday, 24 units patrol rectification of all open. Capital University of Economics and Business, 58 leading cadres to refund about 400000 yuan fee fee for public funds, the inspection feedback mentioned in the "4 University Leading Cadres in the Jingmingyuan dinner" money was returned in December 2015 all recovered, total recovered 1500 yuan. On the "Huixian Palace" set, after verification, the financial department of the Huixian house settlement on the basis of "a set" (i.e., this problem does exist.). After further study the relevant policies and regulations, the school and the Huixian house settlement will be a formal bill for meals. For spamming allowances, subsidies, holidays, a total of 8 elite leadership to return 22700 yuan. For the 11 units issued holiday fee to the school and has instructed the relevant cadres 58 people return, total return 410700 yuan. The total amount for the restitution of public funds tourism Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera "tourism opportunity of public funds and other issues, to strengthen the financial management of Party committee, put an end to borrow the machine by the official activities of public funds to visit tourist attractions phenomenon. Party members and cadres should be ordered to make a written inspection. Requirements of the relevant parties involved in personal restitution in full to the financial department designated special account, time to recover, as punishment, has been full restitution payments involved. At the same time to identify the source of public funds involved, amendments to improve the "Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera teaching practice funds management approach" and the "Regulations" management of Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera undergraduate admissions and enrollment funds, standardize the teaching practice funds management, the strict requirements of the use of funds, a clear violation of accountability provisions. Beijing Polytechnic College little treasuries at the beginning of "kangaroo" case for nuclear small Treasuries’ ", the school has revised" revenue management procedures "and other financial systems. Set up a small Treasuries special rectification work leading group, a comprehensive self-examination and rectification small Treasuries problem. Through a comprehensive investigation, a unit has a serious small Treasuries problem, the other four units also exist varying degrees of small Treasuries phenomenon. Small Treasuries funds have been collected to the school finance department, and the use of funds to start the audit. School Discipline Inspection Commission for the establishment of 44.446786 yuan small Treasuries unit completed the initial nuclear, filing, will deal with in the near future. The school party secretary, President and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission interviewed relevant units responsible party, serious criticism. Municipal Economic Information Commission inspection teams to provide false information is severely criticized for individual units and cadres during the tour of inspection teams to provide false information deliberately "problem, the whole name, has ordered the responsible person involved in an inspection of the unit. become相关的主题文章: