Before the catfish after Chaba and a typhoon to the

Before the "catfish" after "Chaba" and a typhoon "catfish" ready to come ashore in Fujian on September 28th morning, today, in southern Zhejiang coastal area and Northwest Zhejiang area with heavy rain, local heavy rain in southern zhejiang. You are familiar with the turning again — "catfish" had just landed, the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Siam hop foot generation. On September 28th at 2 o’clock in the morning in the Northwest Pacific Ocean is expected to generate, "Siam hop, the strongest typhoon intensity level up, after October 3rd will gradually to the east of Taiwan near the sea. In September 28th southern and coastal are still strong precipitation in the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" is published today at 4:40 in the morning in Fujian Quanzhou Huian County coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 12 (33 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 97 thousand and 500 kpa. The morning "catfish" by typhoon weakened into a severe tropical storm level, at 10 o’clock in the morning the center is located in the territory of Fujian city of Zhangzhou province. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, "catfish" will be the speed to the north west direction about 25 kilometers per hour, the intensity gradually weakened, 28 at night will enter the south of Jiangxi, and then go away. The "catfish" effect, Wenzhou province became the center of heavy rainfall. According to the provincial meteorological statistics, September 27th Wenzhou south central and southern Lishui heavy rain, which Taishun, Cangnan, Wencheng, Pingyang and other places heavy rain, local heavy rain. As of September 28th 08, the province surface rainfall of 31 mm, 111 mm in Wenzhou City, Lishui City, 52 mm; a total of 193 towns more than 50 mm of rainfall, including 77 towns more than 100 mm, 23 towns more than 200 mm, the maximum Xi Zhen Taishun Si Heng Keng community 363 mm. In the South and Southeast Coast appeared 8 to 11 winds, individual level 12, the largest Cangnan qidai village 35.8 meters (Level 12), the other high altitude stations in the township of Cangnan Shi Ping measured 41.7 meters (14 seconds, 316 meters above sea level). Since 27, a total of 19 counties and cities have issued a typhoon and rainstorm warning signal, including Taishun, Wencheng, Cangnan issued the highest level warning signal (red). The provincial meteorological observatory is expected in September 17th, in southern Zhejiang coastal area and Northwest Zhejiang area with heavy rain, local heavy rain in southern zhejiang. Zhejiang area has 8 to 10 winds, there are also 6 to 8 winds inland plain area; central and southern coastal waters are still 9 to 11 winds, Zhejiang coastal sea level will gradually increase to 8 ~ 10 grade. Provincial Meteorological Station said, "catfish" has brought heavy rainfall to the south of Zhejiang, today the rainfall in some areas is still strong, easily triggered flash floods, mudslides, landslides, secondary disasters such as floods and rural plot. The adverse effects of Zhejiang and coastal winds also need to guard against. Affected by the "catfish" spiral rainbands, September 28th day to night, Hangzhou is still rain showers, rainfall is moderate to heavy rain in local rainstorm, the biggest northeast wind 5 to 6, the Hangzhou Bay and lakes water 6 ~ 7. It is necessary to continue to focus on the adverse effects of short-term flood concentration, such as mountain torrents, geological disasters and urban waterlogging. In September 29th September 30th, typhoon "catfish" further weakened, Hangzhou will still be.相关的主题文章: