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Because the SYNC 3 system, Fawkes old owners crying in the toilet…… Auto – Sohu original link: WeChat public number: GeekCar may we all have to admit, in the hundreds of thousands of car market, more and more business is done. This price range is the main we usually say the A-class car sales really great, but between different products competition is very fierce, which each brand had to find ways to improve their products to deal with. Originally in this level, golf, Fawkes has a dominant sales, but I blame the tenth generation Civic, a sudden fire was not like the. And especially Fawkes, and in the product cycle is on the stage, in the face of increasingly strong opponents, Changan Ford chose to launch the annual change models to deal with, which is today to talk about the 2017 Ford Fawkes. If you use a word to sum up the 2017 in the end what has changed, it should be this: by replacing the latest car system, the car becomes more intelligent. Before this, Fawkes had to change the appearance, put on a turbocharged engine, this time is to join the Ford SYNC 3 system, from our point of view, in fact, the importance of upgrades, and can change as before. Because, as a youth oriented car, adding a set of intelligent vehicle systems, is absolutely necessary, especially considering the vehicle system before Fawkes was not good with the status quo, and competitive models are in the targeted design. Fortunately, after the upgrade, at least in the sense of technology or vehicle systems, Fawkes at the same level and found the advantage. (Changan Ford 2017 Fawkes arranged a media drive, so the following content, I put the test drive experience and some views together to explain these new changes. Fawkes) SYNC 3: the thought of coming so fast in this year’s Shanghai auto show, we still experience in Ford’s imported models will be introduced in SYNC 3, did not get it when equipped with more information in the domestic models. So, that the domestic 2017 Fawkes to SYNC 3, I was a bit surprised, I did not expect it to come so fast. Of course, this also from a side note, in fact, Fawkes also really need SYNC 3, users, market competing products, these factors are intertwined, so that SYNC 3 is the fastest enter the domestic models. According to the understanding of Ford car networking project friend said, SYNC 3 in the design of the time on account of the Chinese market, so the localization in the development phase is complete, so compared to SYNC 2, its import speed will be much faster. Whatever the reason, at least for potential consumers is a good thing. Before flying to Zhangjiajie to drive the car, my experience has just finished with a SYNC 3 function of Lincoln MKZ. Change to Fawkes, R相关的主题文章: