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Because of his wife derailed men beat reporters frequency of domestic violence — Hainan window — things from Changle Liang sister a call for help. According to Liang sister said, married 10 years, every two or three days suffered domestic violence, causes the husband Wang hands is all sorts of strange things, "dreaming that I ran with others, he began to beat me, I don’t know what. I learned to do micro business with others, because he was afraid that he was suspicious and only used for things that women used. Sometimes when he listened to class in the evening, he thought I was chatting with others, he grabbed the phone and fell off. He said I had someone out there all day. Liang sister suffered domestic violence intolerable, half a month ago Liang sister divorced. However, Lao Wang has become a former husband, still not let her go, even the unit dormitory is not allowed to go – divorce does not leave home, what is the difference between the divorce? So, the elder sister to "chat" reporters for help. Changle County in the Hexi Village village, the oncoming a truck, a person recognized Liang sister car is the Pharaoh! Reporters immediately get off that had come, unexpectedly, then get off to the Pharaoh, straight outraged the reporter, reporters on hand, let reporters surprise, Wang even chase out in the period, also want to pick up stones to hit people. Don’t chase the Lao Wang did not give up, sit on an electric car, the reporter behind Kuangzhui, all the way to catch up with journalists after it back. Liang elder sister Wang Lao Wang pursued a reporter to interview a truck driver. He met with the old king who returned. Lao Qiang Hangzhuai opened the door and grabbed the car keys. During the whole process, reporters and drivers were injured to varying degrees. After the police arrived at the scene, he was confused about the news of the press, and he did not admit it. The villagers who witnessed the scene could not see the past, and testified on the spot: "he came down and hit you, and you ran after him." As for the first meeting of reporters, what is the attitude of the former wife of his wife? Two children and many villagers sent the same message to reporters: "Lao Wang is irritable, and often leads Liang Da outside the door, because of his temper, and we dare not go forward to discourage it." Lao Wang has been detained in accordance with the law for suspected assault or intentional injury to other people’s body. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu) 男子因梦见妻子出轨频家暴 记者采访被追打–人民网海南视窗–人民网 事情源于昌乐梁大姐的一通求助电话。按梁大姐的说法,结婚10多年,三天两头遭遇家暴,丈夫老王动手的原因也是千奇百怪,“做梦梦到我跟别人跑了,他就起来揍我一顿,我还不知道什么事呢。我跟别人学着做微商,因为害怕他多疑,只做女人用的东西,有时候晚上听课,他以为我跟别人聊天,把电话抓过来就摔了,整天说我外边有人。” 遭遇家暴的梁大姐 忍无可忍,半个月前梁大姐离了婚。然而老王都变成前夫了,仍然不让她走,连单位宿舍都不让去――离婚不离家,这婚离得还有啥区别?于是,大姐向《拉呱》记者求助。 在昌乐县河西村的村头上,迎面开来了一辆货车,梁大姐认出车上的一个人正是老王! 记者当即下车表明来意,没想到,随后下车的老王,直冲冲对着记者来了,伸手就打记者,让记者意外的是,老王竟然追出了一里多,期间还想捡石块砸人。没追上人的老王并未气馁,坐上一辆电动车,在记者后头狂追,一路将记者追到地里后,才回去。 梁大姐丈夫老王追打记者 记者采访车货车司机时却和返回的老王不期而遇,老王强行拽开车门,抢夺车钥匙!整个过程中,记者和司机都有不同程度的受伤。 民警赶到现场后,对追打记者的事装起了糊涂,顾左右而言他,死活不肯承认。现场目击的村民都看不过去,当场作证:“他下来就打你,你跑他就追。” 对初次见面的记者尚且如此,平时对前妻梁大姐又是何种态度呢?两人的孩子和不少村民都向记者传达一样的说法:“老王性格暴躁,经常把梁大姐打出门外,碍于他的脾气,大家并不敢上前劝阻。” 因涉嫌嫌殴打或故意伤害他人身体,老王已经被依法拘留。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: