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"  beauty exposure lead to condemnation; Republican donors to replace Trump – Fujian Channel – original title:" lead exposure lambasting Republican donors to replace Trump to the United States according to foreign media reports, recently, the United States Republican presidential candidate Trump, so before leaving sexist remarks, to explore the possibility of significant donors began to replace his cause the Republican party. According to reports, the Washington Post "public" recording shows that Trump in 2005 a festival, now with vulgar words to talk about how to play with women. Footage from the Washington Post website shows Trump’s conversation with the host Billy Bush in the program special car before the 2005 National Television Corporation (NBC) television program "close to Hollywood". When the two person is talking, the picture shows the appearance of the program special car. At that time, Trump didn’t notice that the microphone on the clothes had not been opened, so he started the dialogue with the host. After the conversation, Trump immediately apologized, saying it was just a private conversation. "I said it. I was wrong。 I apologize。 I never said I was a perfect person. I swear to be a better man from tomorrow." Trump also referred to her opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s husband and former president Clinton, who had said worse things on the golf course". Reported that this is not Trump’s first serious but he Out of the mouth comes evil., break the curse than ever. Republican officials in the United States have denounced him, and some lawmakers have changed his position. Although the election was held in less than a month, he easily angle almost impossible, but in the discussion about whether donors support another nominee. Bloomberg quoted the Republican fundraiser Spencer Zwick, said donors want to abandon Trump. He said: "the main Republican donors withdrew their support for Trump, and they are seeking funding to support others as candidates for the Republican presidential election." Ryan, the Republican speaker of the house of Representatives, said he was disgusted with Trump’s lewd and sexist views on women. Pury Bass, chairman of the National Republican Committee of the United States, said: "no woman should be described or discussed in this way." Hilary also seized the opportunity to attack Trump, and she said, "it’s terrible. We can’t let this man be president."." However, Hilary himself has fallen into a new controversy. WikiLeaks recently released the Hilary lectures for speech to Wall Street banker, shows her support for free trade and open border. If the content is true, be detrimental to Hilary’s election, because the Trump camp repeatedly attacked her surface does not support but privately support free trade agreement, also criticized the Democratic Republican support loose border policy. Hilary’s campaign refused to respond to this, saying WikiLeaks had always broken Hilary’s reputation, and that the content might have been faked by russia. (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan) 妄言曝光招致挞伐 美共和党捐款人拟替换特朗普–福建频道–人民网 原标题:妄言曝光招致挞伐 美共和党捐款人拟替换特朗普   据外媒报道,近日,美国共和党总统候选人特朗普,因此前留下歧视女性的言论,致共和党的重要捐款人开始探讨替换他的可能性。   据报道,美国《华盛顿邮报》公开的录音显示,特朗普在2005年一次上节目前,用粗鄙露骨的言词大谈自己如何玩弄女性。   《华盛顿邮报》网站播放的片段显示,特朗普在2005年上美国全国广播公司(NBC)电视节目《接近好莱坞》前,和主持人比利布什在节目专用车内的一段对话。两人对话时,画面显示的是节目专用车的外观。   当时特朗普没有留意到别在衣服上的麦克风已开启,于是和主持人展开上述对话。对话曝光后,特朗普随即公开道歉,称这只是私人谈话,“我是说过。我错了。我道歉。我从来没有说过我是一个完美的人。我发誓要从明天起成为一个更好的人。”特朗普还指其对手民主党总统候选人希拉莉的丈夫、前总统克林顿曾在高尔夫球场上“讲过比这更糟的话”。   报道称,这并非特朗普首次祸从口出,但他这次闯的祸比以往严重。美国共和党要员纷纷谴责他,一些议员已改变支持他的立场。虽然选举不到一个月便举行,临阵易角近乎不可能,但捐款人已在探讨能否支持另一提名人。   彭博社引述共和党筹款人斯宾塞?兹维克说,捐助者要舍弃特朗普。他说:“主要的共和党捐助者撤销他们对特朗普的支持,正在寻求动用资金,支持他人为共和党总统候选人。”共和党国会众议院议长莱恩直言,他对特朗普下流和歧视女性的言论感到厌恶。   美国共和党全国委员会主席普利巴斯说:“没有任何一个女性,应被人这样形容或以这样的方式讨论。”希拉里也捉住机会抨击特朗普,她说:“这太可怕了,我们绝对不能让这种人当总统。”   不过,希拉里本身也陷入新的争议。维基泄密日前公布了希拉莉给华尔街银行家做有酬演讲的讲稿内容,显示她支持自由贸易和开放边境。   如果此内容属实,将不利希拉里的选情,因为特朗普阵营一再攻击她表面不支持但私下支持自由贸易协定,共和党也抨击民主党支持宽松的边界政策。   希拉里的竞选阵营拒绝回应此事,表示维基泄密一贯要破坏希拉莉的名誉,而有关内容可能是俄罗斯造假的。 (责编:吴舟、施云娟)相关的主题文章: