Beautiful Jennifer Li first fit Yilun sugar poster Reba Sheng (video) punyu

"Beautiful Jennifer Li" first fit Yilun sugar poster Reba Sheng she is very beautiful Chinese version of the beautiful Jennifer Li Di Ali Gerba Sheng Yilun group Tencent jointly produced by CP entertainment news media, film and television, mango Jiaxing music video of the workplace decompression warm heart "beautiful Jennifer Li" comedy first exposure "beautiful family" nine fit posters, posters with bright lemon yellow tone, playful and lively style, all have their own attitude. In addition, for the first time in the form of a number of stills secret character relationship line. A group of double the amount of information is still ambiguous, or sweet or funny, which starred feelings between to cast a layer of gauze, once again lead the audience to multiple. The first poster decryption character heart warming comedy style poster cited expectations, "beautiful Jennifer Li" a comedy starring full appearance, warm wind blowing. Di Ali Gerba Jennifer Li, head of the sign of explosion and small freckle styling, wearing adorable cartoon T-shirt, put funny charge movements, fresh out of the eyebrow collocation smile, ordinary but optimistic good personality penetrating depiction. Sheng Yilun played high cold President Bai Haoyu, suits, angular, hair serious aggressive deputy editor strict in demands, vivid image. Li Xirui’s red Strapless coat collocation Qiao Xia, printing body umbrella skirt, sexy fashion with pretty cute. Zhang Binbin plays the role of forest trees, take the white black windbreaker casual sleeveless tops, handsome with an unruly spirit. In addition, Wang Xiao’s Lin Hao, hands clenched do celebrate with a funny uncle image; Wang Yi’Nan plays Zhu Ying, an elegant and confident posture of women in the workplace; Ren Wei plays Vivian, fancy gold headdress collocation twist hair exaggerated gestures; Wang Yifei plays Han Xue, duzui, fingers slightly a cute little girl very touching, as played by Lin Song Wen; Hu Sheng, hand pulled tie, eyes only oblique, look smart. The characteristics are highlighted in the starring character posters, users hooked at the same time, have a message: "wait, is looking forward to the broadcast!" Di Ali Zebashing Yilun warmth interactive multi CP feelings emerged the drama about the "perfect princess" as "a female inverter" Jennifer Li (Di Ali Gerba) and the "dwarf fell fat" transformed into "high Lengnan elite" Bai Haoyu (Sheng Yilun ornaments) "guardian of love between a strange combination of circumstances" love story. In the exposure of the stills, brow lock, single hand neck Jennifer Li, small action revealed the hidden heart carefully. Dressed in casual suit white camel Haoyu hand disinfection cotton swab to clean up the wound Jennifer Li, cold cream eyebrow hides deep worry, ambiguous feelings ready. In the memory and the reality of the staggered, a "beautiful" love quietly surging. From between the two protagonists emotional undercurrents, "interactive Guardian Knight" Lin Yimu and Jennifer Li is also quite interesting. The expression was Joseph Lin wood, single hand hooked Jennifer Li plastic soles, her smile was hidden in a guardian of the heart. As the best bestie Qiao Xia Jennifer Li, two people dressed in comfortable clothes Home Furnishing, exaggerated movements look funny, funny and warm atmosphere dumbfounding. But another.相关的主题文章: