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Arts-and-Entertainment If you’re expecting a child, congratulations! Waiting for that bundle of joy is a precious time, and you should enjoy it as best you can. You’ll have lots of fun getting ready for the arrival of your little one: putting together a nursery, reading up on pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care, and perhaps even collecting things you’ll need in order to take care of your little one. Your friends may even want to buy some things for you in order to help you out with your new baby’s needs. You can actually make it easier for them to figure out what to buy if you set up a baby registry for yourself. You can set up a registry at many stores. You can register for anything that you think you’ll need for your newborn, from baby clothing to high chairs, from changing tables to diapers. Not only will this help you to keep track of the items you’ve received verses the items that you still need to purchase, but it will help those who want to shower you and your little one with gifts to choose gifts that you actually want and need. It also prevents people from purchasing duplicate gifts. Be sure to check your local baby boutique and see if they offer a registry. If they don’t, or if there isn’t a boutique in your area, that doesn’t mean that you can’t set up a registry. Thanks to the magic of the inter., you can actually set up registries online for just about any occasion. And one of the great things about an online registry is that your friends won’t have to gift-wrap or lug big boxes to your home; they can just have them delivered. Most online retailers often give buyers the option to include a personal note or message with the gift so that you’ll know who it’s from. And if you’re going to register for a stroller, setting up an online registry will allow you to choose from a wider variety of strollers as well, since most online retailers are able to keep more inventory on hand than traditional storefronts can. You can even register for Peg Perego strollers or lightweight strollers through an online registry. So don’t delay! You’ll want to make sure to provide people with the information that they need in ample time for their gifts to be delivered to you before you deliver your baby. baby furniture 相关的主题文章: