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At the end of the season: the overall liquidity volatility is inevitable and the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Zhang Qinfeng – the Mid Autumn Festival holiday just passed, the central bank stable cross quarter and cross national holiday liquidity operations have been quietly. 19, 2009, the central bank to carry out a total of two yuan for a total of $250 billion reverse repurchase operations, net invested $170 billion. Market participants pointed out that the factors affecting the seasonal increase in short-term, quarter funds face or inevitable fluctuations, but under the regulation of the central bank combination operation material overall. Net put on to continue 19, the central bank’s $7 reverse repurchase and reverse repurchase of $70 billion for the 28 day period, the successful rate were flat at 2.25% and 2.40%, respectively, and the total price of the exchange rate of $180 billion. Since the date of 80 billion yuan repurchase repurchase expires, so the open market operation of the net invested capital of $170 billion. In early September after a continuous net return of funds, since last Monday (September 12th), the central bank open market operations to turn the net. Among the reasons, the natural and continuous net return from the first half of the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday factors caused by short-term liquidity tightening. According to statistics, the Mid Autumn Festival on September 12th to 14, considering the postponed delivery bill expires, the central bank open market operations respectively, the net capital invested 150 billion 100 million yuan, 100 billion yuan and 135 billion yuan. Small holiday return, the central bank did not accept the hand. 18, the central bank carried out up to 270 billion yuan after the operation of reverse repurchase, reverse repurchase expires after extended hedge still net invested 140 billion yuan; 19, the scale of net invested up to 170 billion yuan, showing the central bank funds in steadily. Linked to the central bank in September 13th to restart the 28 day repurchase operation, the industry believes that the recent central bank open market volume and the extension of the operation is not only for the capital market volatility before and after dealing with the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the holiday season and stable cross cross mobility actions have also been quietly. Also worth mentioning is that over the past two days, the central bank use reverse repurchase instruments combined 7 +28 days, and suspended 14 days period reverse repurchase operation, presumably for the stability of cross section liquidity and capital price level consideration. Insiders pointed out that the expiration date of 14 days repurchase in the national holiday, is actually a cross section of varieties, if it continues to operate according to the original interest rate, to reverse repurchase unfair, if the adjustment operation rate, it may cause the policy signal disturbance, at the same time, recently launched 14 days reverse repurchase, reverse repurchase may also lead to holiday maturity is too concentrated, is not conducive to the management of liquidity after the holiday. At the end of the season. Although the overall liquidity of the central bank has to carry out continuous net capital invested, but the short-term tight liquidity situation is still not obviously alleviated. 19, 2009, the central bank reverse repurchase volume of the past 180 billion days to $7 also reflects the strong demand for short-term liquidity of financial institutions. Traders said yesterday the market funds face remains tight situation, needs a lot of focus on the overnight and 7 days of short-term varieties. In the short term, due to the impact of tax in the way and the end of the quarter, the National Day holiday and other factors相关的主题文章: