Asia Pacific Art convergence Taipei twenty-third Art Taipei opening aizi

" Asia Pacific Art gathering in Taipei " twenty-third Art TaiPei; the opening of the twenty-third session of Taipei International Art Fair grand opening in November 11, 2016, the highly anticipated annual Arts Festival ART TAIPEI Taipei International Art Fair, at the opening of the Taipei World Trade center. Zheng Lijun, President of the Republic of China, chairman of the board of directors of the association of Chinese artists jointly launched the opening ceremony, and officially announced this year, the theme of the exhibition, the Asia Pacific Art gathering Taipei two". The current ART TAIPEI series of the Asia Pacific Gallery Alliance (APAGA), showing the most complete Asia Pacific Art territory. The ceremony also invited to the National Gallery Gallery from the Asia Pacific Alliance Association, representatives of foreign diplomats stationed in Taiwan, and a number of domestic and foreign artists to attend. Minister of culture Zheng Lijun culture minister Zheng Lijun at the opening ceremony said: "the Taipei Art Fair for 23 years, not only is held in Asia’s oldest International Art Exposition, accumulated more than and 20 years of experience, with the annual exhibition continues to expand the scale of excellence and innovation of brand and quality, not only the trading platform to the Taipei art fair that is a platform for the exchange of ideas and the world of art." Culture minister, Ms. Zheng Lijun (left), the China Gallery association chairman Mr. Wang Ruiqi (in), the Legislative Committee on education and Culture Committee called Chen Xuesheng (right), Minister of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of China China Ms. Zheng Lijun Gallery association chairman Mr. Wang Ruiqi Asia Pacific Alliance gallery is also the first president of the Republic of China, the gallery association chairman Mr. Wang Ruiqi said: "the ART TAIPEI by experts and scholars and other parties to support a previous outstanding achievement. Enter the 23 year old ART TAIPEI Gallery (APAGA) and the Asia Pacific alliance cooperation, integration of performing arts industry in Asia Pacific, Taiwan has not only laid a central role in the international art market, also quickened the countries of the Asia Pacific Art exchange." Culture minister, Ms. Zheng Lijun (left five), the Republic of China Chinese Gallery association chairman Mr. Wang Ruiqi (in), the legislative education and Culture Committee convener Chen Xuesheng (right five), the Made in Taiwan- new collaborative recommendation ‘top eight emerging artists as pictured in Taiwan and Asia’s most senior art fair has been one of the successfully held 23 sessions, the art fair in again on the basis of the previous expansion, from 150 galleries at home and abroad, 700 artists, works on display more than 3000 pieces, also invited the Taiwan architect design exhibition, on behalf of the Taiwan hills and mountains, in addition, this year’s Taiwan new district government recommended in cultivation next, enter the ninth session, so that young people in Taiwan to the world. ART TAIPEI 2016 to carry out the first day of the Taipei art fair site at the Taipei Art Fair Exhibition from November 12th to 15, exhibition planning 5 themes of "Art Gallery", "rookie debut", "art front", "public art" and "the sound of image", in addition to the gallery works, is also special planning "hand out the original city.相关的主题文章: