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As the first President Park Geun hye checked Chong Wa Dae: millions of people rally out? Sohu news according to the "Central Daily" news November 15th, South Korea’s ruling and opposition parties agreed in November 14th, will be in the 17 Congress plenary session "to identify whether the government Shunshi Park Geun hye and Cui suspected case on the stem after independent prosecutors" (hereinafter referred to as the "independent prosecutors"), so as to provide the legal basis for the investigation that President Park Geun hye. If the bill is passed, Pu Jinhui will accept the opposition party recommended by the independent prosecutor, she will be from the opposition party recommended two candidates for prosecutors to elect a person to accept the investigation. By then, Pu Jinhui will not only become the first president of South Korea to accept an independent prosecutor’s investigation, will also become the largest investigation of South Korea’s largest independent prosecutor’s investigation team. The report said that the prosecutor’s investigation mission will include 4 independent attorney assistant, prosecutors sent a total of 20 people, special investigators, the 40. If the investigation carried out as scheduled, the special investigation time together with the preparatory period will be up to 120 days. Reported that the survey was included in the investigation content includes "the knocker gang of three (former Secretary Li Zai Zheng Hucheng, Chong Wa Dae, An Fenggen million) to the suspected documents and leaked diplomatic security secrets to Cui Shunshi; Cui Shunshi alleged transfer of funds at home and abroad through the Mir consortium and the consortium of K sports; Cui Shunshi’s daughter Zheng Youla allegedly entered Ewha Womans University through improper means. In addition, Samsung and equestrian associations and other companies suspected of riding on horse riding training and other content, will also be investigated. Pu Jinhui was reported as a suspect in the case of Cui Shunshi, said that if the investigation is progressing smoothly, the independent prosecutor’s investigation will be launched in mid or late next month or so. After the start of an independent prosecutor’s work, the investigation of the existing prosecutors will be suspended, the ongoing investigation by the opposition party is not fair. Of particular note is that although the "independent prosecutors" did not specify the President Park Geun hye as the investigation object, but it will work with the powers of the president is directly related to the case under investigation. The hospital chief deputy representative Park Wanzhu in a joint press conference the three opposition parties directly said, "it is clear that the president is also the object of investigation". "Central Daily" 15 days of reports also revealed that Pu Jinhui in an interview before the examination, will be informed of their right to power of Miranda "(also called" Miranda warned, "that criminal suspects and defendants being questioned, there is silence and the right to refuse to answer). This means that, in the future investigation, the prosecution will be Pu Jinhui as a suspect in the case of Cui Shunshi, rather than witnesses to treat. Yonhap reported that the prosecution is "trusted door" to carry out the investigation of President Park Geun hye on the occasion, Chong Wa Dae hired a lawyer Liu Rongxia as President Park Geun hye’s attorney. Liu Rongxia served as a special assistant to the law of the state of Pu Jinhui in 2010 and has been a permanent member of the National Commission on human rights since 2014. Liu Rongxia will investigate the president’s place, time and manner, etc., and the parties to negotiate. Liu Rongxia, 15, said prosecutors hope to postpone.相关的主题文章: