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As long as 5 minutes to win the goddess Su Xiaoyan "era" commentary rich Asian all star board "era" has rich Mobile Games strategy launched in August 31st full channel. Two dimensional manga aesthetic style; Mourinho, Lee Guangzhu and other stars implantation; millionaire play classic novel strategy play game by the game player based on the characteristics of the blitz. Even the famous LOL goddess Su Xiaoyan also became a fan of the rich era. Today, Su Xiaoyan recorded a live appearance in video game commentary, let the game player who can better understand and started the game. Goddess commentary game, the apple App Sotre store to recommend Su Xiaoyan, famous gaming commentary. Had participated in the League of heroes S3, S4 season live commentary, but also served as OGN, LPL, WEM, SWL, TGA and other large game commentary, with its sharp and professional commentary style for the players praised. For the "time" the millionaire game commentary, Su Xiaoyan also maintained its independent style, for the game player in its own objective perspective introduced this a popular Mobile Games all star board strategy in asia. At the same time today, "millionaire times" also won the apple App Sotre mall tour recommended. Su Xiaoyan served as the "hero alliance" the commentary commentary "Su Xiaoyan millionaire era" apple App Sotre mall recommended 1 minutes for billions, 5 minutes to complete a game with Mobile Games based on user habits, "in the traditional monopoly slow paced gameplay rich era" were improved, greatly accelerate the rhythm of the game. A start to enter the stage of competition for wealth. The game is no longer a slow thinking of leisure, but a tense and exciting battle. The whole process of the game in the 5-10 minutes, more to beat late even more shocking digital wealth, a second perhaps billions of assets tycoon, after a second, perhaps become bankrupt penniless pauper. A careless, may be worth 5 minutes for billions of dollars in wealth only luck is not enough, the strategy is king "era" is not only a millionaire about luck, more attention to strategy game. In addition to the 54 different types and attributes of the skill cards, players can choose to participate in the game with 9 matches, there are more players in the course of the game strategy thinking. When throwing dice, according to the size of the throwing strength, the probability of dice control, dice points in the control of their desired range. It is necessary to have a strategic judgment to judge the probability of dice control and select the range of dice. If the opponent’s real estate, whether it is worth using real estate vouchers, but also to test the players for the overall form and economic judgment. For example, such strategic thinking, in the game abound. The game uses skill card effect launched a dice game player control, cast range you want to send the card number 10 straight Jingdong activities will be open "rich" era will open "10 in a row in September 7th". Game player only won 10 consecutive victory in the game, will get 100% yuan card game packs 600 Jingdong or the value of 1800 yuan (Er Xuanyi)! Single game and team match game plan相关的主题文章: