Artificial intelligence beyond the human is just a legend christie stevens

Artificial intelligence beyond the human race is just a legend whether or not willing, human beings have entered the threshold of artificial intelligence. Right now, the world science and technology giants are the tricks for intelligent mobile phone and other networking equipment equipped with intelligent software, allow these devices to think like a person and work. For example, Google launched VR helmet, including a variety of intelligent hardware products, Microsoft voice assistant Cortana, Amazon Echo, Apple Corp Home Furnishing assistant optimization voice assistant Siri and Watson of IBM (Watson) artificial intelligence software, even Baidu has launched a medical brain Melody. At the same time, some researchers have frequently issued a voice of concern. In October 19th, Hocking once again said that the invention of artificial intelligence may be the greatest disaster in human history. If not properly managed, the machine will think about the end of human civilization. But in the current situation, the idea of artificial intelligence to destroy the human mind or more. At present, artificial intelligence even beyond human is impossible, not to mention the destruction. Artificial intelligence has been from the big data analysis is developed to the advanced stage, deep learning even so, compared with human intelligence, artificial intelligence is inferior by comparison. Artificial intelligence company IBM is currently the leader in all artificial intelligence, its outstanding product is the first blue, in 1997 defeated chess champion Gary · Kasparov; then Watson (Watson) to replace the blue, in the United States in February 2011 the most popular quiz TV show "jeopardy" (Jeopardy) in continuous beat the program in the history of the top two players Ken Jennings and Brad · · Beirut, become "the dangerous edge" shows the new champion. Now Watson has been committed to medical and pharmaceutical aspects of artificial intelligence services, also known as Dr. Watson. Even so, Doctor Watson has not been approved for diagnosis and treatment of disease, but because the amount of information of the data and the vast as the doctor’s assistant. If the intelligent Watson weren’t enough, a recent study more people have more clear and in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence. Researchers at Harvard University and other institutions organized a competition to open up a fresh outlook, 234 clinicians and 23 disease diagnosis APP (Artificial Intelligence) for reference. Physicians account for most of the 234 doctors. The organizers from the human diagnosis project (The  Human  Diagnosis  Project) Human  Dx website; selected 45 cases, including high-risk disease, dangerous disease and low risk disease and 19 rare cases, these cases information included patient history, but does not include physical examination and other test results. For each case, both the doctor and the APP have to make a list of the most likely diagnoses, plus two possible diagnoses. The results show that, regardless of which form of diagnosis, the doctor’s diagnosis is much more accurate than artificial intelligence. In the first diagnosis, the doctor’s accuracy.相关的主题文章: