Art review published 2016 100, Chinese several sitting

"Art review" published "2016 100, Chinese several sitting? The annual "art review" (ArtReview) will release a "art world top 100" list, with the magazine’s words, "in the past twelve months roundabout in contemporary art the most successful dancers." October 20th, art review magazine held the annual art influence hundred list (Power 100) freshly baked. This is the fifteenth session of the magazine hosted the contemporary art world’s most influential "game player" award from the annual ranking, the Swiss curator Hans · Ulrich (Hans Ulrich Obrist · obris, hereinafter referred to as: little Hans) in the annual list. And China 3 (combination) to enter the list, in addition to the list of regulars Ai Weiwei (ranked tenth), Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei (ranked eighty-seventh), Hu Fang and Zhang Wei (ranked fifty-fifth) in the top 100 list. Curator Hans Hans is the artistic director of the London Serpentine Gallery, as mentioned in the award-winning comments, "part of the official role is the Swiss curator actually doing very little. In the last little Hans "art world" top 100 time is 2009, at that time magazine cite some views of his marathon curatorial statement as the opening: "don’t stop, we will never stop." Little Hans is known for his neglect of traditional working hours. He worked almost continuously, and created an open discussion group, the brutal Early Bird Club (Brutally Early Club). The group often has a working meeting at half past six in the morning, and the location is constantly changing. He himself has had an interview with almost all the important art events all over the world. Therefore, he is engaged in artistic activities, can not be included in any single institution." Curator Hans and artist Sophia · Maria on October 8, 2016 in Serpentine Gallery on site "influence" is a word for a certain period of time in the contemporary art world has a different meaning, and "art world 100 every year and invited international writers, artists, curators and critics consultations, individuals or groups over the past 12 months in the art world and outside the production and dissemination of ideas based on influence ranking. Heite · Stead Iyer (Hito Steyerl) and Wolfgang · (Wolfgang Tillmans); tyre Mansfield Ai Weiwei’s list, there are three artists in the top ten this year. Which is the seventh largest German artist Hans · Stead Iyer (Hito Steyerl), her theory and method to win a large number of international fans; from the German photographer Wolfgang · (Wolfgang Tillmans); tyre Mansfield list rank translation相关的主题文章: