Apple’s profits fell supplier pressure to iPhone production line workers jslottery

Apple’s profit fell suppliers to pressure onto the iPhone production line workers on August 29th news, according to reports from Forbes, "China labor observation" (China Labor Watch) according to a report, with Apple’s sales and profits decline, the production of iPhone China workers are suffering from the pain. In May 2015 -2016 May, CLW visited by more than 2000, compared to the wages of the workers found a single picture, with the decline of Apple’s gold absorption capacity, Apple’s suppliers are under great pressure, iPhone plant environment worsening. Apple in the fiscal revenue decline trend report at Apple supplier of the master, this is a home in the world after Foxconn’s second largest contract manufacturer of electronic products. CLW said: "in order to share the pressure from Apple supplier Pegatron, adopted a series of measures, put pressure on to workers." Although Apple has provided for suppliers, workers do not work more than 60 hours a week, and at least one day off a week. However, CLW found that its workers work more than 80 hours a week, illegal overtime phenomenon is very common in this factory. The report said, because they have lower wages and hours, the workers are forced to work overtime. And with apple CEO Cook’s policy has been promoting the basic wage decline. The wages, compared to nearly two years CLW found that although the average wage China has been raised, but the master cut some welfare workers, the workers actually earn more than last year. The report shows: in 2015, when workers paid $1.85, in 2016, the hourly wage of workers increased to $2. However, the factory cut workers’ benefits and insurance benefits to adjust wages, workers’ hourly wages actually only $1.6." In this regard, apple spokesman declined to respond, Pegatron has not yet responded to this. The workers are apple production line under pressure on the fact, not only is there Pegatron factory workers’ welfare is reduced, the increase of the pressure, other factories also appeared in a similar situation. A week ago, Foxconn factory had two employees died of non normal events, reported that more than a dozen Foxconn employees said that this is in the factory to increase iPhone production, workers facing stressful situation. At the same time, these employees interviewed also said that if in the past few years, Foxconn will be free to arrange overtime, to ensure adequate staffing of the assembly line, but now Foxconn has changed some plant strategies, only those who can recruit new employees are eligible to work overtime. They say it makes it difficult for people who can’t get a job because they don’t work too hard and can hardly make ends meet. CLW is a labor rights organization headquartered in New York, since 2013, the organization will publish annually to Pegatron environmental report. Pegatron is second only to Foxconn’s second largest supplier of iPhone, which have a bad history in the treatment of employees. Apple in 2013 will be part of the iPhone supply chain transferred from Foxconn to.相关的主题文章: