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And so on for half a year! The former "Red Net" finally fit again, even if the queue 3 hours also want to eat! You are so clever and Sohu that left Nanjing to eat chowhound mengchuo leg mushroom leads you to eat big blue 20 Kyrgyzstan Zongri material left eat 30 servings of sauce beef tongue pill seven (left at the end of the article, eat dessert tea will tell you) as to eat often because of leg mushroom meal diet after no dessert ended and sad day now I can finally enjoy at the same time in a shop! Is my love brand is simply nothing to lose as long as you are a delicacy street? Wenchang Xiang carefully to find it is not difficult to find a combination door is Nanjing popular shop see other stores in the warm scene big news now officially they are together! Zen have rain! Japanese small fresh — a level rise in environment should be careful about water winding in a small stone gap fishes play intimate contact with the nature of this particular make people comfortable! Look up as if time jumps a second fly to Japan – anthraquinone anthraquinone Nightlight, Sakura, tatami, mini bar…… The main line of log color space layout of the super ~ but I also love the two floor of the tatami style that private leisure space has two or three people in a small enough 6-10 reunion this may be a rare Japanese restaurant on a go idle material what as a feast to go up! Eat sashimi assorted cold dishes less material is not required for salmon salmon leg mushroom is a must be fresh! Slice thick cut angle ^ ^ salmon salmon to avoid the sauce for dipping back fat parts of the choice of the finest and most fresh meat, part of the master can decide the taste of salmon! The entrance is full, fleshy stretches back to Gan Oh ~ ^ aykshell aykshell solid, fresh and sweet, fleshy entrance without fishy smell I love with a high concentration of mustard flavor Oh ~ sauce beef tongue all delicious ingredients are derived from food boss spent most of the time to find fresh beef tongue sauce every piece of beef tongue thickness can not be ignored for the two coin thickness of each disc with 12 piece ~ posture solution planing wrap can be put in the mouth! Chew carefully, slowly goods fresh beef with garlic crisp fragrant and delicious feel to do not ~ cod Xijing burned baked cod really let me not stop chopsticks inside sweet juice and fish baked delicate aspiring gently broke a piece can see the juice flowing out of crispy skin moisture inside it really did. Sushi (mango sushi, salmon Jizong rolls, fried foie gras sushi) I have been infatuated with a sushi and his family is Kyrgyzstan volume although no two kind of sushi and ordinary appearance but there is crisp fried shrimp roe and full of a wonderful collision appearance and taste of salmon is not general, fresh mango on the feed store can be compared the! Burn out 7 foie gras相关的主题文章: