American college students developed a full solar helicopter flight test was successful (video) gigolos

The students develop solar helicopter flight successfully developed solar America College of helicopter flight successfully according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 19th, recently, the University of Maryland student team research design of Gamera Solar Helicopter successfully test 9 seconds long load from the ground 0.3 meters. This is a major milestone for the green aircraft industry. This year is a big breakthrough in solar powered aircraft. Recently, the University of Maryland student team to further develop the application of solar energy, a fully powered by solar powered helicopter successfully manned launch. Although the current Gamera helicopter can only achieve short flight, but researchers said it was a major breakthrough in green vehicles. Gamera is a huge volume, covering an area of 100 square feet (9.2 square meters), each of which is made up of monocrystalline silicon solar cells. University of Maryland’s student team then added foam substrate, and built a large number of solar panels to provide power for Gamera. Although the 9 second flight time is relatively short in comparison with other aircraft, the researchers say it is the world’s first". University of Maryland teacher said, this year you have witnessed the successful flight of Gamera, but also witnessed a milestone in green vehicles and rotary wing aircraft". In the release of the test video, the engineer stood next to the operation of the Gamera flight, and control the helicopter landed safely. "The helicopter was originally powered by man, but after we finished the project, we turned it into a full solar drive". R & D staff said, we are studying to further promote its development, but it is difficult to achieve long flight Gamera". The success of Gamera has been impressive, from human driven to solar powered. However, due to its size and functional limitations, the development of solar helicopters is still facing no small challenge.相关的主题文章: