All over Dota2 new hero on the first day of the main evil rate of less than 50%-nlite

All over? DOTA2 new hero on the first day of the main evil rate of less than 50% DOTA2 new hero evil main has been on the line for more than 24 hours on the first day of the performance, so the new hero how? According to statistics on the first day of the LORD did winning only 49.5%, it appears that most of the "driver" in the game are overturned. Perhaps the novice and not familiar with the hero of the students also need some time to realize the function of the hero and play, but the evil Lord bring you bad experience may soon have people want to give up his idea in the match. Let’s take a look at some of the data we collected. 6 items were the main fire we listed the first 24 hours were the main game player use most of the previous six see article, although his ultimate flying with his teammates, but 5 to 3 seconds to release delay plus low agility growth brought low armor, and a melee, often on the fire of a bang died. Blademail will be a change or a preferred props for a more, after the two skills of imprisonment, enemy heroes will beat the evil Lord, blademail seems a good props, but winning only 48.3% and 55.25% and a contrast to axe 51.57% winning percentage, you may also have more choices! Jump knife as second props, is used in the 179000 game, the use of contrast force staff only 17000 times. There is a piece of very popular props is Battlefury (No. sixth), probably because of recession in the presence of aura, and attacks brought on line gap, let Battlefury dragons main users love it. But the evil attack and the main attack speed are not excellent, so only 50% Battlefury with evil main winrate (Phantom Assassin 56.5% winrate, master has a 54.6% chance of winning). But the main high winning props may in the synthesis on the road, you have won the high winning percentage guard (68.3%) plus knife let the imprisoned two skills play a perfect control effect, rather than a leg by classmates, arcane shoes over to the guards and strike Greaves brought victory to some more. Surprisingly, there are 66.5% winning flying shoes (before DOTA1 is fire props, because DOTA2 scroll back to the price, heat decreased. At the same time) to tell everybody. Vladimir also has a 56.6% chance of winning, we should pay attention to it. From DOTABuff you how to locate the main points of the method were the main data were the most popular? We love the evil Lord at the disadvantage of road development, rather than promote the role of shunt type. Game player usually after arcane shoes or leg up jump knife, data from the point of view of those who want to put myself into a Carry Battlefury and echo battle edge people poor earnings. Is the only way to make contribution to the team, see assault 66.6% winning and winning 64.8% guards Sabatons, we estimate that. Although, some more expensive items have a higher winning percentage, but as a single bad sin owners, expensive props team means you eat. In any case the evil Lord is not a good Carry, but when the evil Lord molding also has a fairly)相关的主题文章: