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After the room to write who did not use, there is it to your house! – market dynamics – Shenzhen Locke network???? your room this quick void? In simple terms, is the real estate license will soon be laid off, the property rights certificate official debut! This also means that, after buying a house with real estate, real estate license and land use permits will be issued! ? the first implementation of the city of Wuhan, the property certificate will be issued? Real estate license to withdraw from the stage of history, property rights certificate will give us life, and what kind of impact? Wuhan real estate registration work started in January 18th this year, East Lake high tech Zone as the city’s first pilot start. ?? The registration of real estate, real estate, land have their own standard of real estate registration, after the start, has gradually introduced the real estate registration process, cadastral survey work flow, production certificate number numbering rules and property rules for the preparation of maps, unit code requirements, real estate and property technical specification for data sharing and exchange system does not move, re establishment of the one-time inform book, and gradually realize the real estate registration from a standard transformation to the standard. ?? January 18th, 33 year old Zou Kai won Wuhan’s first real property right certificate?? the preliminary statistics, the city’s 16 administrative center, a total of real estate registration window 209, staff 401 people, while the real estate registration before the reform, only 78 of the land registration window, the staff of 120 people. ?? After the implementation of unified registration of immovable property, the public purchase of new commercial housing processing, will be handled separately from the original "all of housing", "state-owned land use certificate" to the 1 sector for the 1 of the "real property certificate" can keep constant charges, the original departments according to law has issued certificates to effective, not mandatory replacement certificate, without increasing the burden on enterprises and the masses. ?? After the unified registration, to achieve interoperability approval of real estate, trading and registration information sharing, to avoid the decentralized registration under the mode of information barriers and the resulting cross ownership, board leakage, repeat mortgage problem in transaction risks, reduce property disputes and contradictions, to protect the real all the legitimate rights of property and real estate transaction security. At the same time, a window will reduce the external processing links, so that fewer parties on foot, can effectively improve administrative efficiency, reduce the cost of common people and enterprises to do. ?? To facilitate the work of the masses of the enterprise, Wuhan real estate registration certification is fully implemented, according to the different type of registration, will be formulated separately "one-time inform book" in the District, the public service center and " the wisdom of Wuhan – Wuhan City real estate registration network " the solution, check all kinds of real work guide property registration, receive a catalog for locations, telephone consultation and other information. ?? About the authority to answer real estate license?? real estate warrants and real estate license and what is the difference? Real estate ownership certificate is the right holder to enjoy the real estate property rights certificate. At present, China’s current unified real estate registration book card style, including the "real estate registration book", "immovable property certificate", "real estate相关的主题文章: