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After the KG era Minnesota into orbit two Renaissance genius took the mantle of Garnett – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 24, 2016, according to U.S. news media, Kevin Kevin Garnett announced his retirement, ending 21 years of occupation career. Since the 2003-04 season, the Minnesota Timberwolves have entered the playoffs. That year is the peak of Kevin Garnett’s career, he not only won the regular season MVP, also led the way to the Western Conference finals minnesota. But in the next 10 years, the Timberwolves have been lost, in order to chase the championship. In 2007, KG chose to leave, joining the celtics. Later, the basketball was gradually reduced to third of Minneapolis’s local movement, its popularity, and even far less than American football (Minnesota Vikings) and ice fishing. The plum blossom from the bitter cold, after more than 10 years after the long wait, the Timberwolves finally ushered in the hope of recovery. Once upon a time, they made mistakes in the draft, and now gradually accumulated into the reconstruction of the capital. In the past two seasons, through various operation, Minnesota won the two champion show — Wiggins and Downes, in addition, a group of young players, Mohamed, Laverne and Dunn ging to join, is to further enhance the confidence of the revival of the team. The Timberwolves have an attractive prospect, which has almost become a consensus among industry experts. Also, this is why coach Tom Thibodeau in the offseason many suitors, their final choice reason. As we all know, tough, rigorous, discipline, is the core of the concept of basketball in Thibodeau’s part, and such a DNA, it is the lack of existing lineup of wolves. The arrival of tin Shuai, is bound to make a significant change in the face of the timberwolves. Just like in the past year or so, Garnett has a similar temperament to the team. But, with the retirement of Garnett, in the future, the wolves bench and in the locker room, never have such a moment to urge young people, for young people to teach, and not to lose the spirit of strict tutor. The future, the wolves will boost morale, to help them correct, such heavy responsibilities will be mainly borne by one person Thibodeau. Today, the core lineup of Minnesota is composed of almost uniform at the age of 20 young people, from Wiggins, Downes, Dunn and Jones Lavin, then, this configuration will undoubtedly bring to the twin cities, over the past 10 years has not been optimistic, but also will bring not to at least 5 years the wonderful vision. Just now, the wolves still finished 1.5, even with Thibodeau on the bench on the line, the team also need to constantly make mistakes and failures, to polish their will. Perhaps, Thibodeau new season, he wanted to make a big news out. But at the same time, he also needs patience. After the Garnett era, as long as the wolves on the current track down, they will bloom sooner or later, maybe this year, are more likely to be the year after next year. Two years ago, Philip, chairman of the team – Saunders personally started the reconstruction button, and gradually build the young相关的主题文章: