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Actor Li Xiaoran Lin Dan: micro-blog innuendo than eating flies also nausea – Li Xiaoran Li Xiaoran. Micro-blog entertainment Sohu innuendo Lin Dan derailment Sohu entertainment news yesterday (November 17th) Lin Dan with his wife Xie Xingfang Zhao Yaqi was a young model of pregnancy derailed exposed, Public opinion is seething with indignation. Lin Dan then acknowledged the fact that the derailment, and said that as a man does not want to justify, only to his family, said sorry. In the evening, the actor Li Xiaoran hair micro-blog expressed doubts about the views of this event, seemingly for the response of micro-blog’s words Lin Dan. Li Xiaoran bluntly than eating a fly also nausea. Lin Dan yesterday in the derailment door, he forced micro-blog to make a public response: "as a man I don’t do more for their excuse but my behavior hurt my family here I apologize sorry to my family." This is a response to admit derailed let netizens There were many discussions. The majority of users have accused Lin Dan, the wife during pregnancy is a scumbag cheat. "I don’t want to explain too much as a woman. Is simply feel very sick, but also to eat a fly nausea." This is the actor Li Xiaoran last night released a, suspected of derailment for this thing, the view that the current micro-blog has been removed from micro-blog.   相关的主题文章: