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UnCategorized For all those who think that nursing is kind of a service which is for people who like helping others, the latest news is that it has managed to be.e more gratifying than it ever was. This was said by the University of Rochester’s School of Nursing’s Dean. The unexpected twist in her career has left the Dean of the School of Nursing of the University of Rochester in the post she holds today. She never even dreamt that she would turn out to be an educator one day. Years of experience in this field have helped her attain this post. The choice of leaving the area of nursing and moving to a very different field such as teaching leaves her sometimes unhappy. She feels this especially because she sees changes in the simple basics of the career which seem to have hardly left anything behind as well as have redefined the horizons of the field of nursing. Their non nursing chores are being managed by new hires. Now she feels that the entire essence of nursing has changed. Looking at a very big example she brings to every one’s notice how a nurse today is expected to perform physical examinations while. They do not need to be additionally prepared to deal with situations because they already are very prepared to even deal with people or patients who have problems with their behavior. No matter what the patients suffer from the nurses are able to handle the situation just as well as a doctor these days. The smaller jobs have been taken off their hands giving them the freedom to actually nurse a patient. Is there anything else that has changed in this field? Yes, it is the addition of men to the field. Earlier men were hesitant to join the field as they felt it was a women’s job but that no longer is the case. This is happening because of the movement of liberation. Now you will find male nurse in female wards such as child care and even gynecology. Men also have started viewing this career as a lucrative field where not only can they earn a lot of money but can also fulfill their wish of being helpful to others. Many men are now interested in taking up nursing as a career so that they too are able to make enough money like the women and are also able to help people. One thing to be sure of is that though people are attracted to this field by hoards there is no limitation of jobs available. The liberation movement has tremendously helped nurses to move ahead. The Dean said that nurses have their own autonomy. They are not hand maidens any more. She added that the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester has good scholarship money so that those who have a vocation for nursing, but not wherewithal to pay for training can be helped. Given below is what she thinks is necessary for any child to be able to do well in this field. The two things that a nurse should be thoroughly interested in are medicine and charity. Look at the great Shakespeare and you will know why his work is known throughout the world. To know how a person is able to deal with situations that require present mindedness, one’s history is checked. She is also interested in a candidate’s track record, specially the way she or he has helped the .munity. According to the Dean the best students who .e to study are those who like to be actively involved in any procedure. These kinds of students are able to be very good at both .municating and empathizing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: