A new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 listed for sale 9.97-15.97 million (video) vy canis majoris

A new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 listed the sale of 9.97-15.97 million yuan in the evening of September 25, 2016, a new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 officially listed in Xi’an, the new car launched a total of three engines were equipped with 1.6L1.2T1.6T 6 models, the official guide price of 9.97-15.97 million yuan. A new generation of Dongfeng Peugeot 308 official guidance price models the official guide price of 99 thousand and 700 yuan 1.6L manual fashion edition 1.6L automatic fashion edition 112 thousand and 700 yuan 1.6L automatic Deluxe Edition 1.2T manual fashion version of 127 thousand and 700 yuan 109 thousand and 700 yuan 135 thousand and 700 yuan 1.2T automatic Deluxe Edition 1.6T automatic distinguished edition 159 thousand and 700 yuan comments: a new generation of Peugeot 308 has become more and more mature, exquisite appearance with the small displacement turbocharged engine, make it more close to the China car mainstream crowd, specifically for people like to upgrade the appearance has a great attraction to the interior design and texture are both belong to the upper level in the same level, the 1.2T three cylinder engine achieved excellent level at the present stage in overcoming their physical defects, chassis is this beautiful masterpiece, announced the price also has no small attraction, but in the face of market choice Peugeot 308 there is still a long way to go! A new generation of 308 designs using the Peugeot family modeling language, dot matrix grille, LED headlamps, black diamond and LED type trans tail lion claw tail combination, so that consumers can from the design of a new generation of 308, read on behalf of the international future design trend, at the same time, the combination type and the tail of the lion LED across the black diamond the claw tail will also serve as the Peugeot family label applied to other models. A new generation of 308 provides a new pearl white, red, brown, Bordeaux pine, silver platinum gray lime 5 colors. A new generation of 308 body size is 45901820 1488mm, wheelbase 2675mm, compared to the current 308 growth of 63mm. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. In the interior design, the new generation of 308 in the succession of the style of the 308S there are many innovations, 5.8° control of the tilt of the driver easier to control. High combination instrument with multi-function leather steering wheel, the steering wheel do not block the instrument, and raise the instrument can make the driver driving in the same direction do eye, greatly enhance the driving safety. In the cockpit of the material, a new generation of 308 suits of dark grain leather seats made of high quality leather and fabric material mix, improve comfort, and very athletic style. Double carbon fiber texture instrument with carbon fiber texture and soft slush material combination, high-quality material mix, improve the atmosphere of luxury cabin. Configuration, keyless entry and a key start and Carplay smart phone interconnection system for driving convenience. The ESP9.1 system of tire pressure monitoring system and the whole system comes standard with the protection of the traffic safety. There are 8 such as blind area monitoring system相关的主题文章: