A hundred red people Jiang Qian returned to his return to serve as a Wuhan official (video)-roselip

"Hundreds of red" Jiang Qian had to return to surrender Wuhan officials in September 22, 2016, with the support of the central anti-corruption Coordination Group Office of the international pursuit of stolen goods and the Ministry of public security under the guidance by the Hubei provincial Party committee, Wuhan municipal supervision office to coordinate the pursuit, the pursuit of the public security and procuratorial organs and do solid work, "hundreds of red pass personnel" No. sixty-fifth Jiang Qian voluntarily returned from Canada to surrender. Jiang Qian, male, born in March 5, 1968, was the former Minister of demolition Coordination Department of Wuhan City Drainage Development Co., Ltd., who was suspected of corruption and abuse of power. He fled to Canada in November 2011 and the Interpol wanted number A-3156 5-2012. Hubei Province, Wuhan city attaches great importance to the case in accordance with the work of both ideas and the pursuit ZhuiZang, set up a class to carry out investigation, start the illegal income confiscated program, and Canada to strengthen bilateral law enforcement and judicial cooperation, concentrate all forces, take various measures to promote the pursuit of stolen goods. Under the law deterrence, policy appeal and affection, Jiang Qian finally chose to return home and surrender. It is reported that Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court has ruled that the law in December 2015 equivalent to more than 1400 yuan of the money Jiang Qian illegal income shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. (Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection) related video "hundreds of red" has been appearing in court 1/3

“百名红通人员”蒋谦回国自首 曾系武汉官员2016年9月22日,在中央反腐败协调小组国际追逃追赃工作办公室的统筹指导和公安部的大力支持下,经湖北省委追逃办协调督办,武汉市委追逃办和公安、检察机关扎实工作,“百名红通人员”第65号蒋谦主动从加拿大回国投案自首。蒋谦,男,1968年3月5日出生,武汉市城市排水发展有限公司拆迁协调部原部长,涉嫌贪污、滥用职权罪,2011年11月逃往加拿大,国际刑警组织红色通缉令号码A-3156 5-2012。湖北省、武汉市高度重视该案,按照追逃与追赃并重的工作思路,组建专班开展调查取证,启动违法所得没收程序,加强与加拿大双边司法执法合作,集中各方力量、采取多种措施强力推进该案追逃追赃工作。在法律威慑、政策感召和亲情感化下,蒋谦最终选择回国投案自首。据悉,武汉市中级人民法院已于2015年12月依法裁定对蒋谦违法所得的折合1400余万元人民币的款物予以没收并上缴国库。(湖北省纪委)相关视频 中央纪委“百名红通人员”已到案三分之一相关的主题文章: