A 19 year old to upgrade autumn fruit head 66814

A 19 year old to upgrade: "autumn fruit head" Introduction: this year can be simply described as a "tie hair", semi hot meatball head has come to you not enough tide point comb. But for less hair or poor hands a little people, want to tie a perfect half ball head is really too hard! So instead of a day to fall in love with the "ball" is killed, it is better to take advantage of the autumn, an upgraded version of the fruit head. (source: red show) the gas field is not lost, retro Yang Taobian gas field is not lost, retro Yang Taobian speaking carambola braid, always bring full retro feel, elegant and charming. All the hair tied in a ponytail is low, gentle full force. In her husband Bea Hayden shooting the new film inside, she is the makings of the star shaped braids oh. Zhao Liying some time ago to participate in the happy camp of Zhao Liying also like this style. Round face and bright yellow dress, with retro and lovely carambola braid, this came the girl who is no sense. Fan Bingbing with the big black students play lovers Fan Xiaoshou, also tied up the carambola braid. The hair on the sides to form a series of braids to the 1/2 position, and then slightly loose on both sides of the forehead hair, more face. This color value with such a reduced age hairstyle, is not a minute to return to 18 years old? Joe Chen Wuli Jon also has a dedicated love of Carambola braids, the upgraded version of the double minutes to cry many adorable sister. This super comb by age adorable carambola girl pigtails, sense of properly. Childish away, fluffy head away childish when apple, fluffy head when Apple first reaction when it comes to apple head most people are "too naive", in fact as long as you change the tie up hair and tie hair height can be cute and show the trend of apple fan children. Casual sex and fluffy feeling is the key to Apple fashion. Zheng Shuang if you have enough amount of hair can be the most crooked hair tied up, note the location can slant a bit. This high apple Zheng Shuang head to highlight the playful feel very suction eye. Girl power girl power some time ago also tie a cute little pull. If you want to keep a low profile, this new version of Apple’s head must be for you. This is only a small range of hair, and the height of the hair as much as possible to put some, indeed, is reduced age weapon. To have tidal range of children, but also to popular personality watermelon head tidal range of children, popular personality watermelon head when you just didn’t accept the comb up half ball really nice, began to pop up "dog eating watermelon head type bangs". Amber Kuo has always been short hair lovers, her short hair requirements is the shorter the better. Such collocation Tammy watermelon head, not only was small and neat feeling can give people relaxed. Uneven bangs to tell the truth, this short to the forehead above, uneven Liu Haizhen only face who can manage. Watermelon head can lengthen the face, but with full three-dimensional lining. Short hair wizard Cecilia Mendez, the watermelon head of the shape of the interpretation of the aura and full of mystery. Trendsetter sunset and sunset and rice also meters trendsetter!相关的主题文章: