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9 yuan interest 9000 yuan? Bank of malicious penalty should be considered as invalid Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to reports, the Guangdong public Lee recently due to multiple credit card application is rejected, the suspicion of having had a bad credit record, the inquiry found that his work in Zhongshan in 2007 when he inadvertently overdraft the salary card (credit card is 9.84 yuan), forget the timely return, after 9 years of time, now actually into a 9350 yuan. Even more frightening is that the credit card has been lost and can not be used, but the interest is still in the continually growing, if not check the credit record when Lee found it, then in 9 years, he will owe the bank 9 million yuan of money. 9 years of arrears not yet, Mr. Lee was in good faith "blacklist" seems to be to blame. But Lee owed less than 10 yuan in the bank’s principal, at best, just a micro debt". It is precisely because of its small, so Lee turned to forget is also reasonable, not to mention that he did not know that the credit card is a credit card. Now in the face of such a situation, no matter who will feel absurd, will give birth to the question: the bank in such a long time, why let the "mini debt expansion did not start Dunning action? If the rise in interest rates is automatically generated through the bank computer, then why do not forget the bank will be included in the "blacklist"? It is clear that the increase in the debt is fully known. In the use of credit cards, there is a "malicious overdraft" argument, referring to the use of credit cards cardholders overdraft, but refused to repay. The cardholder malicious overdraft, should be condemned by the bank, late fees and other means to prevent malicious overdraft of course has its rationality. But like Lee, there is no need for a few dollars malicious overdraft". Forgot to pay the payment arrears is Mr. Li’s mistakes, but the bank only Gu compound interest at the rapid expansion of debt and not take the duty, should be identified as "malicious penalty". The worry is that the driver in bank "malicious penalty interest, I don’t know how many people like Mr. Li, rather baffling to the huge debt owed to the bank. "Malicious penalty occurs, an important reason is that the bank" business "bad habit is still strong. This habit of action, on the one hand, the bank will not consider in the credit card holder’s point of view, and only think about how to use high interest to expand their own interests, even to the poor economic capacity and consumption concept is not mature and high school students use credit card, overdraft consumption, encourage them, and then by their parents to take high interest; on the other hand, although the continuous expansion of similar arrears, but in large bank eyes is a small sum, may in fact did not consider the debtor to return. The cardholder "malicious overdraft" should be punished, "malicious penalty", the bank should not pay the price? As a result of the bank’s inaction, Mr. Lee has not only carried a baffling debt, but also appeared in the personal integrity of the stain. Because of相关的主题文章: