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9.27 Carpoly monarch sweat market in recent years, the strong impact of waterproof, waterproof products are more and more favored by the construction, also got thousands of consumers respect, and obtained the development in the Chinese market change rapidly. With the rapid development of the national basic construction, application field of building waterproof has changed from the traditional building waterproof, waterproof field to the highway, high-speed railway, subway, city rail transportation, underground space, environmental protection facilities, water conservancy facilities, nuclear power facilities, airport terminals, marine construction projects continue to extend and expand the building. Water has become a part of the various construction projects necessary. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2012, the total output value of China building waterproofing industry will exceed 100 billion yuan, and has maintained an average annual growth rate of over 10%, the building waterproofing industry output value accounted for about 1% of the gross output value of 2%, which has a very attractive market prospects. Zhu Dongqing, Secretary General of China building waterproofing Association, accepted the achievements of China’s waterproofing industry during the period of 12th Five-Year,. In five years, government departments, social organizations, and all enterprises under the joint efforts of waterproof, waterproof industry total output value increased by 2 times, the main production of waterproof products increased by 66%, the average annual growth rate of more than 10%, the amount of investment 5 years increased by 2.5 times, the average annual growth rate of more than 28%, the main business income of 5 years growth of 98%, the average annual growth rate of more than 14% industries, a total profit of 5 annual growth of 89%, the average annual growth rate of over 13%. In the understanding of the importance of waterproof products, in the face of the rapid development of China’s water market, have you ever wanted to know more about the idea of this field, and even some want to run the cause of the impulse?   the downward pressure on the global economy is growing, the development of all walks of life into the new normal occasion, you have had their own entrepreneurial impulse? Today, this is a chance! In September 27th, leakage terminator — Carpoly opened new water strategy conference will be held in Jiangmen Heshan Biguiyuan Phoenix Hotel Phoenix hall, with 6 years dedicated to the process and accumulation of technology, research and innovation and promotion, laid a considerable reputation and status in the waterproofing industry, Carpoly production drops waterproof products to a peak, unexpected the surprise launch of the "new leakage terminator" is bound to you. If you are interested, we sincerely invite you to attend, to witness the application of new products and new technology, hand in hand.   attachment: conference program number 09:30-10:00, welcome sign time content displayed at the site visit 10:00-10:01 10:01-10:05 presided over the opening debut intro leading guest 10:05-10:10 Carpoly group address 10:10-10:15 Guangdong Province engineering waterproof and reinforcement branch of the chairman of the committee secretary of speech 10:15-10:20 Guangdong Province Association of South China University of Technology 10:20-10:25 waterproof speech guest speech 10:25-10:30 British SYNTHOMER representative speech 10:30-10:35 provision of water the new strategic launch of 10:35-1 waterproof;相关的主题文章: