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9.23: Hongkong housing mortgage finance pioneer miserably to imagine the truth – [9.23] financial Sohu finance pioneer 1, exposing Hongkong housing truth: you can not imagine Hongkong miserably to rent more expensive, but not top mansion, but is the poorest region in Sham Shui po. In this area between the room and the room is not new, the most ridiculous is a board room and then into the six wells, such as the coffin like small room. Guests can not stand or sit in the room, you must lie down, like animals to go in and out. The so-called coffin room, the space is very small, only 1.4 square meters, the monthly rent of HK $1450. 2, the city will climb the peak price? Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou is challenging, in a low profile after years of using G20 to achieve glory peak, activists have even shouted " North Shanghang " this slogan to subvert the old city pattern. Even Hangzhou 18 suddenly announced the purchase of the property market, has also been quickly interpreted as " Hangzhou formally among the first tier cities " signal. House prices, Silicon Valley is the highest in the United States, and higher than other places a large load, which also makes local residents complain constantly. If Hangzhou is not on Silicon Valley, means that Hangzhou will eventually become China the highest prices in the city? 3, the hotel will really change sheets? "Undercover" the shocking people go out now, in terms of living are very exquisite. However, the choice of a tall on the hotel, do not be naive to think that can sleep at ease. Recently, a survey of 9 hotels, of which there are as many as 3 of the sheets are not changed. 4, a Red Army 62 years after this government ious 72 years after the 15 thousand Hunan Rucheng county archives have a copy was almost a worm eaten out, this is the 1934 Red Army third Legion loan certificate. Hu Side never mentioned the parties with my family this IOUs, until 1996, to build the new family stove, from the hearth brick found it. 2006 years later, the Rucheng county government in accordance with the prevailing price, cashed 15 thousand yuan repayment". 5, Chinese medicine export still superstition? Good dregs pharmaceutical effect is not good, and the Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and other issues of transgenic one after another, people gradually lose confidence to the traditional Chinese medicine. Reporter recently conducted research found that Chinese medicine, medicinal resource depletion, the quality of raw materials increased, decreased year by year, vicious competition phenomenon of rampant counterfeit drugs flooding the market. Insiders said that China’s pharmaceutical industry is facing a huge crisis. People in the industry are aware, now the first-class medicine export, second medicine into the hospital, those three medicines flow unqualified, inferior or dregs of a decoction is made of all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. 6, Chinese type bottle transfer buy crazy! 2016 09 month 22 days, Jiangsu city of Changzhou Province, nine in the morning to open the door for the business of the Changzhou real estate registration trading center has long queues, open the door after the rush on like a swarm of hornets Trading Center for transfer tumbled. It is reported that this time the property market in Changzhou is called the Changzhou property market.相关的主题文章: