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70 years ago a spike 50 thousand moon cake cheap also get 10 thousand more than in 1947 September 21st of odd shape of moon cake, the "Guangzhou daily" published an article entitled "moon cakes" spectacle article, the article said, this year’s moon cake price is very expensive, cheap moon cake each to 10 thousand yuan, up 50 thousand yuan an expensive shop, all in order to attract customers, in addition to the facade decoration in bend over backwards, luxury, moon cake is done of odd shape. There is a shop in front of the display of a moon cake, is bigger than a big plate, but there are around seven egg, called "seven stars". Another mooncake is globose, surface with nuts, seeds, grains of meat, called "earth month". The West has a bakery, a cake made of a tower, a total of eight floors, and each layer filling are different, nominal "eight storey tower", each blooming, the so-called saving disappeared. After the end of the war of resistance against Japan, the national government’s financial policy failure led to the rapid rise in prices. Let me see that Tao taoju moon cake price: five Jen sweet moon cake box is 44 thousand yuan, the gold leg fragrant moon cake box is 54 thousand yuan, four Huang Lianrong moon cake box is 100 thousand yuan, and with seven per box price is 180 thousand yuan. One slogan is "all the considerable month of two million yuan per box, with a moonlight feast". If the price was still in doubt, look at the following a string of price: 140 thousand yuan, English cram school tuition fees, registration fee of 20 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan; the car cost is 2000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan; the barber. (Guangzhou Daily reporter He Yougui)相关的主题文章: