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Arts-and-Entertainment It will be winter again before we know it! I am so happy, I cannot wait! What did you think, about what you just read? Do you feel the same way about winter time as I do? If you are like the average person, you probably thought this guy is wacko, or something. It’s just that I have enjoyed every season since I was a young child, to me they each have great things, and nothing is worse in one season over the other. I hear folks grumble in the summer about the heat and sweating, and in the winter I hear these same folks talking about the cold and over eating. It’s like anything really, some folks tend to stay pretty happy all year around, while others tend to be sad and depressed all year round, life is how you make it, and how you react to situations that happen, no matter how tragic they are. Now, I better stop rambling here, because I am probably starting to sound like a therapist and I am getting off the topic of this article, which is: How to Beat the Winter Blues by Entering and Winning Sweepstakes. I want to write the bulk of this article about my Dad, because it was him who gave me the idea for this articles title. I believe it was in the 1970’s when my Dad, started entering sweepstakes. My Dad and my Mother subscribed to a few magazines, and almost every month there would be a couple different types of sweepstakes listed in these magazines. The prizes for these sweepstakes varied from luggage, cars, fishing equipment, vacation packages, cash and everything else that you can think of. Dad started cutting the sweepstake entry forms out of the magazines, filled them out and send them in. It wasn’t too long until Dad won a prize, maybe it was a T-Shirt, or a Camera, I cannot remember what that first winning prize was after all these years, and Dad has gone to live with the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven, so I cannot currently ask him. It only took that one win to get Dad hooked, now when I say hooked, I don’t mean addicted, he just enjoyed and took upon himself to study sweepstakes as a worker does to become more and more skilled at his craft. Dad started reading the entry forms closely, and realized that the forms in the magazines were just a one time entry method. I mean, most people tore or cut out the magazine entry form, filled it out, and mailed it in and that was it. Dad, realized that although some sweepstakes did state, only one entry per person, many of them had a more obscure method that allowed a person to greatly increase their chances of winning, by submitting as many entries as you wanted. The standard method used was to write your name, address, telephone number, and maybe a slogan, or some other required info, on a plain 3×5 index card, or a plain 3×5 piece of paper, and mail it in. It seems most of these entry forms stated write the info in BLOCK letter format, which simply meant write it in simple, easy to read, capital letters. Dad, started subscribing to 3 or 4 monthly sweepstake newsletters, and he would sit at his desk in his spare time, writing more entry forms then a seasoned author writes on a book manuscript. Dad purchased some books, and video tapes on winning sweepstakes, and honed his skills more and more. Dad learned that there were methods to greatly increase your sweepstake winnings, besides just sending in more entries, there were certain times to send in your entries, and other methods, for instance writing on the envelopes in bright colors, may get your envelope selected from the bin of entries. Whatever skills Dad learned, proved their worth, because he literally won hundreds of prizes over the years. Some of the prizes he won were; Luggage, Shirts, Caps, Cash in the form of Checks, Grocery Items, Dishes, Books, Small Appliances, and even a brand new Automobile, over the years, Dad won almost every prize imaginable. It got to the point that it made buying Birthday and Christmas presents for Dad, pretty easy, because he was always wanting; Postage Stamps, 3×5 plain index cards or paper, Felt tip markers, and plain Business size envelopes, to enter his sweepstakes with. Dad never got addicted, but he sure was hooked, and he had fun doing it, but he always made sure his bills got paid first, and his family duties had top priority over his sweepstake time and spending. As the years passed by, and the cost of buying postage stamps increased more and more, it got harder and harder for Dad to enjoy his hobby. To this day whenever I see a sweepstake form in a magazine, I think of Dad, cutting and filling out the form, and mailing it in. Today with the internet, Dad and anyone can enter literally thousands of sweepstakes for free, by simply filling out an online form, and clicking the send button. The age of spending a fortune on cards, envelopes and postage stamps is about over for the bulk of those that love entering sweepstakes, but the joy of winning and the passion of the hobby is still there. This winter when you find yourself stuck inside with nothing to do, try an online search for free sweepstakes, start entering, and have fun doing it, you never know, you may get a certified letter soon, stating you won a major prize, anyway, it’s a great activity to help beat the winter blues. There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities – and it may be found at this url: ..winter-activities.. 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