Cooking Pumpkin Soup In A Crockpot-naughty怎么读

Food-and-Drink Soup is usually made on the stove but it might surprise you to know that there are some great pumpkin soup recipes you can make in the crockpot. Crockpots might be more associated with stews and casseroles in your mind than soup recipes but there are some excellent reasons why you might want to make your next pumpkin soup recipe in the slow cooker. Three Great Things about Crockpot Soups First of all, crock-pot cooking is easy. Some of the many types of soups you can make in your crockpot include classic pumpkin soup, bean soup, tomato soup, broccoli soup and lots of others. With a lot of crock-pot soup recipes you simply add the ingredients to the crock-pot, let it cook all day and then puree it in a food processor or blender. You can make extra soup and freeze what you do not want to eat immediately. If you want to freeze your soup, do not add cream or milk to the recipe. You can add that when you thaw it. Secondly, a slow cooker brings out the flavors of your food like no other cooking method. Vegetables be.e juicier and sweeter and all the flavors you add to the soup recipe blend and .bine together perfectly. Another great reason to make soup in a crock-pot is that it is ready when you are. You can add the soup ingredients in the morning, go out all day and the soup will be ready when you get home. Some slow cookers have programmable warming options so you can set it to cook on low or high for the right number of hours and then to keep your soup warm rather than cook it any more. If you are using an old or simple crockpot, one of the best things about crockpot cookery is that the timing for your recipes is flexible and does not need to be exact to the minute. If you are cooking soup and it needs to be left to cook for six hours, you will find that if you get home half an hour late the soup will not be ruined because it has been cooking over such a low heat. Tasty Slow Cooker Pumpkin Soup Pumpkin soup is one of the nicest kinds of soup to make in a slow cooker. There are many different types of this delicious, hot soup that you can choose from and these include curried pumpkin soup, a simple canned pumpkin soup recipe, an old fashioned, classic pumpkin soup and lots more. Pumpkin is naturally juicy and sweet and crock-pot cooking brings out the juiciness and sweetness even more. The flavor of pumpkin goes just as well with sweet ingredients like apple cider, sugar, cinnamon, and fruit as with savory ingredients like carrot, potato, chicken broth, and broccoli. There are many kinds of pumpkin soup recipe ideas you can choose from, depending on your palate and what type of soup you fancy making. Copyright (c) 2009 Christine Szalay Kudra About the Author: 相关的主题文章: