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UnCategorized Time management at work…have you got it mastered? If you are still .plaining there are not enough hours in a day then we have a simple solution to your problem. In fact, it could be as easy as reading an activity statement after a few days. Few people realize being productive is not simply a matter of being busy; if you are not focusing on results then anything else you try may be a waste of time. Can You Make Time Management Work? Sure you can. However, it will take a little discipline on your part but once you get the wheels in motion, it’s amazing what a difference it can make in just about all facets of your life. A .mon answer to most people’s time management and organizational problems is to get a diary. While they have their place in our day-to-day responsibilities, diaries are really just a superficial fix. Why? Because unless your diary can speak to you and remind you you haven’t .pleted a task you’ve written in there then you may as well just try and .mit things to memory. Time Management Facts Recent studies have shown people will have at least 50 interruptions during the course of a day. In fact, given a working day is still eight hours, this can equate to almost half the working day being wasted because of unproductive distractions. Time Management At Work – Doing The Productive Stuff This is an area where most people will get into trouble. Distinguishing between low and high priority tasks. You know what I mean in fact, I was notorious at getting the priority stuff done ahead of the high value stuff and couldn’t figure out why I was so busy all the time but achieved very little. Concentrating on results is the answer and until I was introduced to an activity statement, I was forever sailing around like a ship without a destination. They are a wonderful thing these activity statements believe me! They don’t lie. Every minute of your working day is recorded and if you have an ego, then be warned, it could get dented. But all in the name of getting you to make some necessary adjustments to your schedule to get you on the path to a more productive and less stressed person. Auditing Your Activities To Make Time Management Work For self employed people they are an excellent way to identify the areas that need attention. After all, if you are the one responsible for generating your own in.e then doesn’t it make sense to know where you’re wasting time on low producing tasks but ignoring potentially high productivity areas. You record each and every activity you perform during working hours including seemingly insignificant things like checking email. After a week, analyze your statement and you will immediately see where you are most productive and when you are unproductive. You can then schedule the higher value and more difficult tasks for your high production times. You can also cut down or .pletely eliminate wasteful tasks from your day. Time Management At Work – Achieving Results It will take a little discipline at first but a time management activity statement can really help you to turn your productivity levels around. Once you perform the exercise, it addictive and in most cases, it’s a process many will continue to apply. Are you ready to know the truth? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: