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Software Product promotion is as important as manufacturing a high standard quality product. As quality of a product is what which always wins the satisfaction of a customer. Manufacturing a product to the quality standards is the first winning step. Secondly the product awareness should reach the customer who in search of it. A product which doesnt reach its wanted customers is a failure. Gaining customers satisfaction and building a .munication link between sellers and buyers which can influence the customer to buy the product is most important. A customer always makes a choice only among the promotional products. Reaching potential customers with product details and specification of standards can be made possible by accurate product promotion. There are many promotional advertising means through which the product can be promoted. It can be through media, advertisements or through the modern inter net. Though many new means prop up day to day, the buyer is always influenced by one to one presentations and demonstrations. When it .es to presentations, making it attractive and understandable and clear to the customer a high priority job. A laptop or few brochures can be used to show the product pictures and videos. But when the product videos are viewed on a big screen the potential buyer is really impressed , develops faith in the sellers voice and arrives at a purchasing decision. Now to view the details on a big screen the sales person or the marketing executive needs to carry a projector along with product related videos and details. As the executives approach multiple customers of different locations carrying a mini Led projector which is small in size which has all the functionalities makes the sales people very .fortable. Led Projector in Real Estate: The products of Real Estate are all flats and open spaced plots in remote areas. In order to reach the requirements of the customer the sales executive can show videos of ventures they deal with at multiple locations using a Led Projector. By using a Led projector the customer feels the presence of the places he is viewing and the customer can think of making a decision which location and flat/plot suits his requirement. After the customers choice of places then a field trip can be made to show all the customers who are choosing the same location. This reduces the travel expenses of the .pany of taking individual customers to see the locations for choosing. Promoting investment plans: The products of investment plans or insurance products cannot be seen. They are few calculations on paper which need an explanation through an executive. When the presentations are displayed on the wall the customer is much focused at the plans the executive is telling him along with the pictures and videos. As the plans include monthly payment schemes(SIP), quarterly, half yearly and yearly plans with one time payment plans. The premium amount has to be calculated depending on the customers selected plans, amount and mode of payment. With a Led Projector the executive can toggle around different products and give the amount the customer has to invest in various plans. Promotion of Home appliances : The air coolers, refrigerators, A/Cs and washing machines all these home appliances are of bigger size and of many different bands, each have a unique functionality. The customers can be made clear with big pictures which can clearly be explained and persuade the user in making a decision to buy or to make a visit to the show room to have a better vision of all the products. The Led projector can be connected to Video conferencing and exotic results can be made possible world wide in a product promotional conferene. Using a Led Projector the sales man can be the person who is to be approached and talked to for all the clarifications. F.etting the days when the sales executives were unwanted people. The Led Projector a tool bringing joy of sales and being a sales executive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: