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Alexander: ready to use military force to respond to aggression Belarus: original title: President of the Belarusian ready to use military forces to respond to aggression [global network Roundup] according to the Russian "newspaper" 2 23 news, Belarusian president Alexandre · Lu Kashenko said in a statement, if attacked, the Belarusian will prepare to use military force to response. The statement said: "Belarus is ready to take a series of strategic measures to safeguard national interests, in order to get rid of aggression, the country will decisively use military force."." Lukashenka said: "no doubt, these measures will be put into practice.". And the necessary conditions for the implementation of these measures have, the first is the lofty patriotic feelings of the people; second, the army has the ability to defend national sovereignty and independence; third is the people’s respect for the military." Earlier, Belarus’s defense minister Andre ·, Ralph Kopf said that one of the reasons for Belarus’s new military strategy is the changes in the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East and North africa. (internship compile: Qi Ying   peer review: Juppe) editor in charge: Liu Debin SN222 白俄罗斯总统:准备动用军事力量回应侵略   原标题:白俄总统:白俄罗斯准备好动用军事力量回应侵略   【环球网综合报道】据俄罗斯《报纸报》2月23日消息,白俄罗斯总统亚历山大·卢卡申科发布声明称,如果遭受侵略,白俄罗斯将准备动用军事力量作以回应。   声明中指出:“白俄罗斯准备采取一系列战略措施捍卫国家利益,在为了摆脱侵略的情况下,该国将果断动用军事力量。”   卢卡申科说道:“毫无疑问,这些措施将会付诸实践。且实施这些措施所需要的条件都具备,第一是人民崇高的爱国主义情怀,第二是军队具有捍卫国家主权和独立的能力,第三是人民对军人的尊敬。”   此前,白俄罗斯国防部长安德烈·拉夫科夫曾称,白俄罗斯制定新的军事策略的原因之一是乌克兰、中东和北非的局势变化。(实习编译:齐莹 审稿:朱佩) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: