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Decision making analysis: GDP "bright blind""! U.S. dollar "calm" gold contrarian We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Original title: Decision Analysis: GDP "bright blind""! "Calm" gold dollar pulled contrarian situation in October 28th 15:00 to 22:30 currencies: Friday (October 28th) the European market trading period, the United States in the three quarter GDP report released on schedule, the highest growth rate for two years, but the dollar was "cold"… The U.S. Department of Commerce on Friday (October 28th) released data show that the United States in the three quarter of GDP initial quarter annualized growth rate of 2.9%, the expected growth of 2.5%, the former value increased by 1.4%. The U.S. Department of Commerce pointed out in the report, the strong growth in the three quarter, due to the great contribution of inventory and export, to offset the consumption expenditure, and declining investment. About the dollar: BMO strategist Ian Lyngen wrote in the report that the data had little impact. The simple explanation is that it has been reflected in the price. About gold: Although the GDP data for the three quarter and beautiful, but once the short-term gold fell $6, to refresh the four low to $1262.09 an ounce, but then rose more than $10 in short-term decline, to regain all days, and regained the $1270 mark integer. The technical point of view, focus on the $1270 mark on domestic demand can hold, if we hold the mark, the price of gold next week is expected to rise further; the short-term need to focus on the October 5th highs near $1277 resistance. In focus, vane: initial analysis of the personal consumption expenditure price index of major currencies the actual GDP value 20:30 U.S. 20:30 in the third quarter of the third quarter Friday: Euro: European market trading, the euro dollar opened at 1.0894, the dollar intraday moderate trading. From a technical point of view, the euro dollar daily MACD green energy column contraction, KDJ index was flat. From the daily chart, the euro short-term downside risks remain. JPY: on Friday, the dollar was trading at 105.23, and the exchange rate rose moderately. From a technical point of view, the dollar yen daily MACD momentum red column amplification, KDJ indicator upward. From the daily chart, the dollar yen short-term upward powei. Australian Dollar: on Friday, the European dollar market, the Australian dollar opened at 0.7583, the intraday decline continued. From a technical point of view, the Australian dollar daily MACD green momentum column appeared, KDJ index down. From the daily chart, the Aussie dollar is short or further downward. Proofing: JOE goes into Sina Finance shares

决策分析:GDP“亮瞎眼”!美元“淡定” 黄金逆势拉升 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:决策分析:GDP“亮瞎眼”!美元“淡定” 黄金逆势拉升   10月28日15:00至22:30   汇市概况:周五(10月28日)欧市盘中,时段内美国三季度GDP报告如期出炉,创下两年以来最高增速,不过美元却反应 “冷淡”…   美国商务部周五(10月28日)公布的数据显示,美国三季度GDP初值年化季率增长2.9%,预期增长2.5%,前值增长1.4%。   美国商务部在报告中指出,三季度强劲的经济增速,缘于库存和出口的巨大贡献,从而抵消了消费支出,以及投资的下滑。   关于美元:BMO策略师Ian Lyngen在报告中写道,数据几乎没有影响。简单的解释就是已经在价格中得到了反映。   关于黄金:尽管三季度GDP数据靓丽,但是黄金在一度短线下挫6美元,刷新四日低点至1262.09美元 盎司,但随后短线劲升逾10美元,收复日内全部跌幅,并收复1270美元整数关口。   技术面来看,日内需关注1270美元关口能否守住,若能守住该关口,金价下周有望进一步上涨;短线还需关注10月5日高点1277美元附近的阻力。   日内焦点、风向标:   20:30 美国第三季度实际GDP初值   20:30 美国第三季度个人消费支出物价指数初值   主要货币走势分析:   欧元:周五欧市盘中,欧元 美元开于1.0894,汇价盘中温和交投。从技术上看,欧元 美元日图MACD绿色动能柱收缩,KDJ指标走平。从日线图来看,欧元短线下行风险犹存。   日元:周五欧市盘中,美元 日元开于105.23,汇价盘中温和走高。从技术上看,美元 日元日图MACD红色动能柱放大,KDJ指标向上。从日线图来看,美元 日元短线破位上行。   澳元:周五欧市盘中,澳元 美元开于0.7583,汇价盘中延续跌势。从技术上看,澳元 美元日图MACD绿色动能柱显现,KDJ指标向下。从日线图来看,澳元 美元短线或进一步下行。   校对:JOE 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: