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The best quality in the domestic open source? You know what? – eat more [content] Sohu under the title "click on the blue delicacy hall" brother into subscription wit [share] Click on the lower right corner forward or shared in this circle of friends to Yunnan Baoshan Longyang District a water Township, it is located in the northeast of the Lancang River in the West Bank, Luo Min mountain hillside, from Baoshan the city is about 30 kilometers, mountains undulating peaks, ravines arranged in a crisscross pattern. The mountain is relatively flat, orange and sparse soil hypertrophy, abundant rainfall, conducive to the growth of timber forest, known as the "pine kingdom" reputation; in recent years, the "green Begonia hotbed" cultivate table delicacies — matsutake, truffle, mingzao China, sold overseas, per kilogram of fresh goods price competition up to thousand yuan above. The famous Hongqiao Ji Xiang Shui Zhai, Bili Wanren cliff stone, stone, stone cliffs inverted bucket ladder Zhi Yun Lu, very strange, Minshan, agate mountain, cloud stone ladder steady bold, static if the virgin Highland Lakes — Gegen Tang reservoir, the charming Begonia ecological farmhouse. Cloud confused Meihua, magical Chaoyang Wufeng mountain, the great Tang Shi Xian created by nature, Weihe River, both in the kiosk inside. Because of its beautiful scenery, with special show, so Xu Xiake has a special liking for a small kiosk to write a great deal about. Day of praise:"…… Bangkok Wuling Taoyuan, Wang Guan, are not. This is when people win the yunnan." Kiosk, also known as the "golden tooth throat", since Chenghua years in Tianjin on tiesuoqiao through LAN ferries on the ancient Silk Road, has become a large-scale mountain towns. The merchant contacts, do not mark · historical celebrities; Liu Ting, Deng Zilong, Zhang Han, Luo, Zhang, Wang Hongzuo, Yang Shengan, Xu Xiake, Lin Zexu, Du Wenxiu, Li Genyuan…… Many times through here, this scenery poetry, calligraphy brush left. From Hongqiao to Ji Guan Po in dozens of stone road by the numerous horseshoe step nest horses, both moment remember difficult course of international trade, and show the town had brilliant kiosk. Tricholoma matsutake is a natural rare edible fungus, known as "the king of bacteria". According to legend, August 1945 Hiroshima atomic bomb attack, the only survival of multicellular organisms only matsutake (so that is the leading cause of love? Japanese tricholomamatsutake) At present, the whole world can not be artificially cultivated. It grows in the cold temperate zone above 3500 meters above sea level. The Song Dynasty "history of the certificate class service urgent Materia Medica" has been recorded. Research shows that the mushroom is rich in protein, 18 amino acids, 14 kinds of essential trace elements, 49 kinds of active nutrients, 5 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, nucleic acid derivatives, peptides and other rare elements. The other contains 3 kinds of active substances are precious, double chain, polypeptide and polysaccharide of Tricholoma matsutake Tricholoma matsutake in the world the one and only anti-cancer substances — matsutake alcohol, is the world’s most precious natural medicinal fungi. The fall of matsutake in early August to mid October, collecting food. Have a special flavor, taste such as abalone, very refreshing lubrication. Truffle truffle (scientific name: Truffle) is a general term for the classification of mushrooms, Ascomycota Tuberaceae tuber (scientific name:相关的主题文章: