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Nanjing 10 year old girl "hand piece" experts recommend playing mobile phone to moderate Dianxun intersection "sad it spicy, Ma said a headache, not take me to buy my stuff (I)! There is a really like PigHead Ma Ma thin blue, letinous edodes (big smile)!" Can you believe that this is a 10 year old girl made of WeChat circle of friends? Recently, the Nanjing Morning Post reporter survey of pupils in Nanjing, found that they not only have their own mobile phone, social software in the information is quite fashionable, with the popular language of network animation, the hottest new small expression, symbol language. Experts believe that the "after 00" adorable baby who has social software is the trend, which is one of the future of their study and life, can exercise the expression of acceptance of information, but teachers and parents should be guided, in time appropriate, monitoring in the content, can not blindly indulge. Come to the onlookers: hand piece type: a hemp is really like PigHead blue thin, the fourth grade letinous edodes flowers is a lovely little girl, my mother is a teacher, usually work very busy, learning things are on their own to take care of flowers. "This semester gave her a Pad to use their own, download the Himalaya to listen to the story. There is no need to check the information can also search their own operations." Floret mother did not give the child to set up the right to use, but the flowers in their own language on the set of "no more than 15 minutes a day", in fact, she did it. She is very conscious, every day must first complete the job, and then have time to see pad, will look at the information, interesting things on the hair circle of friends." The reporter understands, flowers also write the composition is very good, her hair circle of friends are all interesting piece, fluency, word humor, the latest one is "sad it spicy, Ma said a headache, not take me to buy my stuff (I)! There is a really like PigHead Ma Ma thin blue, letinous edodes (big smile)!" Floret mother said, every morning she likes to listen to the news to go to school, the children also listen together, plus the use of pad, the child’s greater amount of information. Pit type: my parents good chaos, ooo interview reporters found that some of the children’s circle of friends is a special "pit dad". 10 year old male bean every time travel, mom and dad posing as he beat the United States, love in the side to capture various eyes closed, mouth ugly photos, and then spell squares together to the circle of friends, let mom and dad. The fourth grade boys a rare made a circle of friends, his home mess took over, and then on the circle of friends: my home is a mess, ooo…… reporters found that children are often in their own small chat Tucao mom and Dad, "when I write my homework of my dad play the game…" "Today is my mom wrote a paper penalty!" Since the Black: eat to eat the teeth…… The reporter saw in the first grade boys homing circle of friends, life’s ugly has become his most love hair circle of friends. "Eat your teeth to eat……" A small search was teething, National Day when mom and dad travel, watch the delicacy of potatoes on the street, eat too spicy too hard, bite off is a loose tooth. Three grade boys Liu.相关的主题文章: