Korean media North Korea or to achieve a small nuclear warheads to combat all U.S.-姉summer

Korean media: North Korea or small nuclear warheads can hit all U.S. Asia Pacific data figure: people concerned about North Korea’s nuclear test original title: Korean media said North Korea or small nuclear warheads can make us troops stationed in Japan South Korea "Korea Daily" reported 11, according to the Fifth North Korean nuclear test 9 days, analysis believe that North Korea may be successfully carried out to test nuclear warheads on a missile, which means that North Korea may in the near future will become a real country with nuclear missiles. North Korea’s official media also reported the use of nuclear warheads in the first test of nuclear test messages. According to reports, the South Korean military experts pay more attention to the nuclear warheads, "North Korea announced the standard" and "standard", which indicates that the North Korean nuclear warheads can produce different specifications, namely nuclear warheads not test, but in the actual deployment. At present, North Korea’s missile technology is becoming more mature, since March this year, North Korea successfully launched several musudan medium range ballistic missiles, submarine launched ballistic missiles, nodong missile, the missile can be several vehicles as nuclear warheads. If North Korea can develop a diameter of 88 cm or less, the weight of less than 500 kilograms of nuclear warheads, it can be loaded on all ballistic missile launches in North korea. It is worth noting that, in March this year, North Korea’s top leaders inspected a spherical nuclear weapon with a diameter of 60-70 cm. If the nuclear weapons proved to be developed, then can be loaded from the "Scud" to all North Korean missile KN-08. The article said that if North Korea to achieve a successful nuclear warhead miniaturization, then South Korea, stationed in Japan, the U.S. military, the U.S. military base in Guam will fall into the North Korean nuclear strike range. North Korea can attack South Korea "Scud" attack, where the U.S. seventh fleet headquarters in Japan Yokosuka and other US military bases in Japan with nodong, attack the Guam base with musudan nuclear warheads. This means that in addition to the United States, the United States in the Asia Pacific region, all military bases in the North Korean nuclear deterrent. Korea Niuxi Si news agency reported that 11 South Korean military analysts believe that North Korea’s fifth nuclear test is likely to increase the fission bomb stage before the bomb "". Senior officials said Han Jun, from explosion of North Korea’s current technological capabilities and fifth nuclear test, North Korea has not conducted nuclear test. If the success of the Korean "growth fission bomb" test, then it means that North Korea achieved considerable progress in the development of the hydrogen bomb.相关的主题文章: