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Zhangjiajie to develop forest tourism to immediate support in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – beautiful scenery in September 20, Changsha (Deng Xia Wang Jianjun) "in recent years, the Zhangjiajie municipal government to uphold the concept of green development, the development of green industries based on forest tourism, the green green mountain into gold and silver, out of a green development the road." 20, 2009, the Zhangjiajie municipal government vice mayor Liu Hua in Changsha so said. The same day, 2016 Hunan, China Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Festival press conference held in Changsha. The conservation of the festival to promote ecological civilization, advocacy forest protection as the theme, since the first held in 1991, this year is the eighteenth. As a national key ecological function area, Zhangjiajie has 13 national nature reserves, national Forest Park, 4 state-owned forest farms, forest coverage rate of up to 70.98%, ranking first in Hunan province. Economic development and ecological protection are a pair of contradictions." Liu Hua said, in order to protect the local ecological environment is good, Zhangjiajie has been adhering to the sacrifice of immediate interest for long term development for many years, has vetoed more than and 100 have impact on the ecological environment of major investment projects, involving investment of tens of billions of dollars; and submitted to the national people’s Congress of Hunan province formulated the "Wulingyuan World Natural Heritage Protection Ordinance". In the first national legislation to protect the world natural heritage. At present, Zhangjiajie has achieved the national Forest Park, National Nature Reserve by focusing on building "development pattern of city two areas, dislocation development, Samsung arch month, global tourism", taking Wulingyuan area as the core, to the east of Cili, West Sangzhi and downtown and Tianmenshan Mountain as the background, the formation of the largest in the country, the most complete function and the best efficiency of forest tourism scenic area cluster. 2015, the city’s forest tourism exceeded 30 million passengers, forest tourism based forestry output value reached $27 billion 300 million, accounting for 60% of the city’s gdp. Seven star mountain ecological tourism resort projects, Tianmen Wonderland international health resort and a number of high-end forest tourism investment projects have landed in Zhangjiajie. In addition, Zhangjiajie with vigorous development of forest tourism, tour leisure, recreation resort, tourism commodity production and other related industries are growing rapidly, the city’s arrowroot, wild vegetables, tea, tea, tropical fruits, flowers and seedlings and other forest products total area exceeded 1 million acres of forest products processing enterprises to 600, "in Zhangjiajie the giant salamander" won the national geographical indication protection. It is reported that in October 18th the opening of the Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Festival "forest protection? Tourism" as the theme, including the opening ceremony, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan bicycle through the forest challenge, the south region of state-owned forest farm, forest tourism in Wuling mountain area poverty alleviation seminars, "drunk beautiful Wuling bonsai Expo theme activities. (end)相关的主题文章: