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Ma Dong: the new program will not fire Kevin Tsai responded with small with Sina entertainment news on September 23rd afternoon, dinner "temptation" media watching films will be held in Beijing. Because the main rule in the program is to answer the question must be "lying", so the film will be the scene in an interview also stipulates that Ma Dong must lie to answer, then asked Ma Dong to answer "is born gay." When asked to "say" and "wonderful dinner temptation" which will be more fire, Ma Dong can only answer "teeth are not too fire!" Choose not to see the star IQ is not for the program name "origin of regular dinner dinner", Ma Dong said that because the half part of the program is to eat meal before some dark cuisine, is behind the guests to play "wolf" game board together, so the dinner. Asked to account for the majority of the program’s "wolf" part of the game, the audience will not be too much to accept, Ma Dong is the first joking joke, "we do well!" After that as long as the good part of the program, or to fate. And the wolf is not part of the rehearsal, all the stars are the real reaction. Select the star will not be based on intelligence to choose, when the star can not be a low iq." After being asked daily dinner not for a long time, Ma Dong revealed that although he was not invited but many dinner party regulars, recently also blew "excuse is a live dinner block." Kevin Tsai responded with [micro-blog] s [micro-blog] Alyssa Chia and [micro-blog] "regret" married Shiou [micro-blog] both in the first half of the conversation part or the second half of the "wolf", the most important is the stars must lie in the program. With this rule, the stars have to say some surprising answer. For example, Alyssa Chia was forced to Tucao husband Shiou in the program, the figure is very bad." And even said, "I’m sorry to marry Shiou." Patty Hou is on the show with "no" default and I have a sister Jay Chou, the scene was when the show Jay Chou’s songs as background music, the audience shouted to play so much! But a lie, the truth has revealed the moment, Kevin Tsai in the program in response to some time ago in the small micro-blog users reply "now without Kevin Tsai" speech. Between Kevin Tsai and Nick never revealed to explain each other rumors that the two are not things, because the relationship between the two has been good to not care about this thing, so there is no impact on, he learned that the "temptation" dinner will be held September 25th, every Sunday night at eight burn brain on the line, please look forward to. (Ran Xiao Intern) (commissioning editor laurel)相关的主题文章: