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Meng and scared heart fibrillation, Medical Museum laugh biography 2 staged comedy debris flow, Medical Museum laugh biography 2 funny forced Zhang Wei God through the incarnation of the doctor to save the Tencent entertainment news two dimensional wind? The costume of Sherlock? Magic days? Taste of life need to face with a smile, "the medical center laugh comedy debris flow in the summer of 2" has been flipping the nervous laughter from the audience and nervous, a funny than comparable "husky" two adorable knights in "a small country home guard, to give the audience a full of joy. The small cost of refined production, the audience of younger age, easily send entertainment, TV series original IP tag sense. "2" no medical museum laugh Kudachoushen sadomasochistic have ambiguous small pink; no hatred has The path winds along mountain ridges., Shengsizhijiao of brotherhood. Overall, "2" Medical Museum laugh the atmosphere and style or around in funny, even in the most thrilling places often have people a second break work out joke burden. Yan Zhiqi high performers together to break the idol image, not just selling spoiled adorable girls rights, Li Jiahang, Wang Yan Lin, Liao Junjie plays the role of women without the slightest, soft sister Li Jinming stay natural, sexy Jiang Yan beautiful adorable and vivid performance contrast, have suction eye, the audience said: "smile" Medicine Museum 2 "inside people how lovely are hot!!!! Whether it is the emperor or democratic or swarm upright or villain is the lovely!!! They eat lunch is cute???" By the Huace Hatton, Huashan mountain, Fujian Province Radio and Television Group Co produced, directed by Liang Guoguan, Li Jiahang, Jiang Yan, Li Jinming, Wang Yanlin starring costume comedy "Sherlock Medical Museum laugh 2" is the southeast TV hit. With the development of the story, "2" Medical Museum laughter coming towards the climax stage of tension, in the guard in the end what hidden secrets, "Ning Ning not" whether it will repeat the history of the first quarter, more exciting to look forward to.相关的主题文章: