Mvp.febby published a statement of dissatisfaction to respect the players and pay attention to words-乃々果花

MVP.Febby: to respect the players attention and dissatisfaction with the explanation of words recently, MVP.Phx’s Febby in the personal social media postings said he was on Boston during the special Championship qualifying some dissatisfaction with the commentary remarks, Febby pointed out that some commentary should respect the players, pay attention to his words. MVP.Phx teams are invited to participate in the Boston masters, so they do not need to compete in the regional qualifying. But Febby let discontent at gunpoint understand the bench in the Febby requirements that don’t get their negative emotions in interpretation. Febby said: "I noticed that too many negative remarks against players in the Southeast Asian and Chinese qualifiers. I think the key to the problem is to explain their emotional problems, many of us hear is false and wrong." The Korean players especially respect David " Godz" Parker; the European interpretation: "Godz interpretation can be said to be perfect, he is not emotional to explain the game, even if the players are really serious mistakes, he is also the same objective description, rather than say something like" this idiot doing what does he not should be how to do?’". Febby said: "the wrong players say they make mistakes, but they also make mistakes after the player if the interpretation is in terms of adding the trimmings, DOTA how to play, then to explain what is the use? I don’t want to hear you say you don’t know what he had said too much, each player to 10 hours a day training and they clearly know what was wrong in the operation. Respect the players that know how to pay attention to their words, because most of the audience will be watching commentary remarks guide." Players accused of commentary is not the first time occurred in the DOTA2 professional arena, earlier this year, when the players in the social media 7ckngMad remarks also triggered a heated debate on the commentary. 7ckngMad said that the player was accused by the audience most of the time in the game by the interpretation of the speech guidance. (compiled by Onono Imoko PCgames)相关的主题文章: