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The new September new network in typhoon "Meranti" hit farmers in Taiwan agricultural losses of nearly NT $800 million in 18, according to Taiwan’s "United Evening News" reported that moranti ravaged Kaohsiung, resulting in Kaohsiung City, national agency of guava, jujube fruit drop, the main producing areas of serious heavy greenhouse facilities severely damaged. By the Kaohsiung Municipal Bureau of agriculture preliminary estimates, the city’s agricultural production and the amount of losses of up to 460 million yuan (NT, the same below), the guava loss is above 200 million yuan, the effect of jujube comes during flowering, and the loss of more than 90 million yuan. As of 17 noon, Taiwan agricultural loss caused by typhoon’s approaching 800 million. Kaohsiung city was their 17 in the morning Su Chunbao with a reporter to understand his orchard damage, he said, if there are 400 thousand yuan, 3, 4 working days can be restored. On the other side of the fruit Chen Mingyuan took the cloth to dump guava tree to centering on bamboo pole, "righting, guava trees soak in the water will be drowned!" This season guava just invested about 300000 yuan, originally in October harvest, and now is blown down by typhoon, a dollar can not earn, if you want a comprehensive renovation, but also to spend $about one hundred thousand. "The Council of agriculture and food agency of Lord Weng said," earthquake? Candied banana, guava, wax apple, tomato is hit by the first five fruits the worst typhoon early last year; Rhododendron, warm winter and chilling injury plus dates of poor quality, could not keep up with the Spring Festival season, but the farmers still have at least harvest. This winter, there are citrus, bananas, guava, persimmon can eat, consumers do not worry. Loss of Pingtung farming county also many, "the Council of agriculture deputy director Huang Hongyan said the Department of fisheries, grouper and green spot loss of more than 14 million yuan, loss ratio of food fruit relatively mild. He said, mostly because of the typhoon caused power outages, ponds, hot oxygen concentration is too high, resulting in the death of grouper, has more than 80% stage power repair. Huang Hongyan said, in addition to the raft boat damaged about more than and 20 ships, and driftwood drifted into the 17 Tomioka fishing port, continuous cleaning; Cianjhen District Four ship seiner rope broke, drifted into the Zhongshan University, two of which are dragged back to the fishing town, the other two more serious damage, the Port Authority gradually cleaned up.相关的主题文章: