The blind man has a hoard of garbage in the home of the missing son buried 20 years-步步高i606

There are hoarding home garbage buried corpse missing son 20 years – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to foreign media reports the blind old man, an old woman in New York Broolyn blind for many years, recently the police found accumulation in her family had the body of a man, and the dead was her lost the son of. In September 15th this year, Rita Wolfson (Rita Wolfensohn)? In the fall at home. Her sister came home to help her finish things and found a male corpse, then the alarm. The police said that this was a well-dressed "skeleton", or for 20 years. This skeleton also wore jeans, socks and shirt. The old woman has a hoarding, home like garbage heap. Officials say the house garbage, like garbage dump in vehicle handlebar. The sister said, lying on the mattress on the floor. After investigation, law enforcement officials believe that the Wolfson probably didn’t know that living with her son’s body. The room where the body is, is full of rubbish and cobwebs, has a heavy smell of food, but does not decay. The police said, Wolfson thought his son to move out. Her brother Joseph (Joseph Buchman). The cloth Zuckerman and his wife Josette Wolfson said, now go into an assisted living facility apartment. Although not yet officially confirm the identity of the remains, but the police believe was the son of wolfson. Wolfson has two sons, one died in 2003, was 38 years old. Another son, Lewis, should be close to 50, but has not been seen for over 20 years. Law enforcement officers said that home Wolfson like the movie "Psycho" (Psycho) is so terrible, it’s all garbage.相关的主题文章: