The Mid Autumn Festival driving tips can not be ignored in checking the details (video) 工号9527为您服务�����

The Mid Autumn Festival driving tips can not be ignored in checking the details of how to check the car driving on the road before the weekend is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, where would you go? Self drive to visit relatives? Self driving tour? I believe you will arrange their vacation already formed, but the tips, at the beginning of the holiday car before, don’t forget to give your car before the trip will own the car special maintenance service station, to conduct a comprehensive physical examination. A computer, check engine; ABS, airbags, ABS; SRS; automatic transmission vehicle computer; computer; air conditioning computer and whether the fault code, if the above items appear fault code, should immediately find out the reasons, troubleshooting. Two, the first is the routine examination, check the brake system, eliminate fatigue, braking eating tire phenomenon; secondly, is to check the direction of the system, rule out direction of trembling, pendulum, deviation, solve the problem in a timely manner, especially the steering connecting ball head, haggard. Also, is to check the air conditioning system, eliminate the shortage of cooling capacity, air conditioning abnormal sound, plugging phenomenon, etc.. You should also prepare some emergency vehicle tools and materials used to prepare from time to time before three, an ample supply of emergency tools on the road. The first is Jack, vehicle tools, and fire extinguishers, and check the spare tire; tow rope, flashlight, traffic maps, mobile phone battery etc.. Secondly, the preparation of commonly used materials, brake oil, antifreeze, power steering pump oil, gearbox oil, light bulbs, fuses and so on, to prepare for possible period of want or need. By the way, a spark plug may be useful. Finally, it is necessary to prepare a trailer rope, is a safety rope. Four, with the insurance policy is not in order to have an accident, you can use. Difficulties can also find an insurance company, now insurance companies have launched, 30 km free rescue trailer, free repair, repair free, free to send oil 3 liters, these free benefits, you can not forget, is the national scope. If the service is not good, the next time you can change him, their phone is very good to remember, do not forget on the line. They will arrive at the scene as soon as possible to help you out of trouble. Again tips: 1, high speed free time, is to end the time, so don’t wait to walk in the 12 toll station, actually does not have what meaning, a high speed when the free will, the end is the time for the node station. 2, although the driver of the United States, but the security is more important, take the high speed to be careful, do more prevention, take the national road to slow, everything is not urgent is perfect. 3, it does not worry, it will never tolerate tolerance.相关的主题文章: