Civilized driving test competition auditions second field championship only a second 海思k3v2

Civilized driving test competition auditions second field championship only a second in November 27th, organized by the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, Beijing Red Bull Beverage Sales Co., Ltd. Hunan branch contractors, Tencent – Hunan network strategy support 2016 Hunan first safe and civilized driving competition activities, second auditions in the Kaifu District Jinxia room curtain. A brilliant car driving competition events, so early on the cool of the Changsha ushered in a fiery passion. The four game of competition auditions, just a few days up to thousands of people online registration number, registration page refresh times has more than 300 thousand times, the contestants, early to arrive at the venue, the master who eager for a fight for today’s competition driving test preparation. The players are the theoretical examination Jinxia exam security officer from more than 1000 players fully equipped for the application of the network through the theory test, finally entered the driving test technology competition links more than 100 players. Driving competition started in full swing on game players in this game, the coach group of players all are well prepared, they not only to prove that their fight is behind where the school fight for honor. In the race, some of the coaches and athletes performance is wonderful, uphill start, designated parking throttle ringing, firmly stop online calibration curve above, in the case of accelerated to perfect posture elegant turn, side parking, reversing storage is a live disc in place, very smooth driving, attracted the audience wow. But the folk group’s performance is also good, said the master in folk, found in the driving test Xiangjun game, especially in the scattered folk master, favorably to coach group of players. Nei’s driver after a series of exciting competition, Wu Wei in the final 1 minutes 44 seconds to get the first folk group sea election race, second clock prosperous in 1 minutes and 45 seconds, third Luofeng in 1 minutes and 50 seconds. Coach Huang Qingyun to 1 minutes and 10 seconds to get the first place in the good results, the prize money of $500 in the bag, the second Luo Ming with a score of 1 minutes and 14 seconds, when the use of the third Liu Dongxu 1 minutes and 16 seconds, respectively, to get a bonus of 400 yuan. The two group of players all the way into the finals, they will be in December 10th, and the other three auditions are the best Changsha common to the Municipal Public Security Bureau second driver examination center for the final champion competition. The prize pool than the final audition bonuses more attractive, are folk group the first 3000 yuan, second 2000 yuan, third 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan, coach the first group of second 4000 yuan, third yuan 3000. Who is the real driving test king, we will wait and see! The audition and the last two, time: December 3rd -12 month 4 days, want to sign up for friends and the opportunity to click on the link below to participate in the registration! Registration: Registration: folk group channel hosted auditions, the final staff (excluding coaches), do not participate in the competition activities of the 2 coaches banned group 3 finalists to participate in civil registration, the current driver’s license score of not more than 12 points相关的主题文章: